About Us

CONTROLEntertainmentOnline is founded (CEO/Director)by Singer/Songwriter Trisha Benjamin who at the time was preparing/re-recording my own material (previously recorded some time ago)for Independent release, but due to my disability (Fibromyalgia,diagonosed 3yrs ago)was unable to. Like most Artist/Bands past/presents, I use music as a form of self-expressionbut,of lifes struggles/childhood/etc. Throughout previous years of recording/music business industry courses(Recording/Production/Business) and events saw, witnessed the needs of Unsigned/Emerging/Bands/Artists working 'dead end' jobs to pay studio time, then doing live gig's desperately wanting to get their music heard/exposed.

Upon doing some Radio Industry courses at my local college,and meeting Bands/Artists there, again, talking of their struggle to get their music heard, I decided after alot of researching to set up my own Radio Station. Since Launching the station and setting up Twitter and Instagram (same name) @C_E_Online Facebook (up there, still working on!!) I have been inundated with Bands/Artists/Independent Labels/Managers now submitting their music for playlisting, which was my target/goal and extremely happy getting their music out/exposed and continue to do so.

My disability may have restricted me from currently doing my own music,I do still plan to get back recording/releasing maybe Independently or Label my music but for now I get great joy from the music submissions I receive everyday at CONTROLEntertainmentOnline.

I have future expansion for the Radio Station, which are inclusive of taking the station into the mainstream commercial media with it’s ‘niche unique market’ point, that will come soon, watch this space….

Alongside Trisha is Sammy B (Senior Staff Writer) who counts writer, producing & designing amongst her many skills and has been collaborating with Trisha for over 5 years.