Thursday, 8 October 2020

The Boys Season Finale Preview


Once again we are the end of the short road, the season finale of The Boys season 2 is upon us and things are about to go down. After the quite explosive final minutes of last weeks episode The Boys team prepped the best for last. The upcoming season finale just as last years doesn`t miss a good beat and gives the story and characters space to blossom and unfold.

Similar as last year (in true Kripke style) the stories dragged and were bit unclear and shifty throughout the season but the season finale has a clear direction and stability creating a safe space for the puns and dramatic moments to hit the right note.

While the concept of The Boys is good and intriguing, the question is how long you can prolong a fight between regular people and supes and still keep it intriguing enough? And there is where all the story dragging is coming from. In a full on action The Boys the show would wrap in less than episode, yet the writers continously find ways to prolongue and extend the story. So as the season finale works itself up to create an explosive and bloody season showdown, they`ve planted seeds and B-stories that would ensure the continuation of the story beyond the finale.

Homelander spending time with Ryan opens up a whole different side of the lead Superhero. It polishes his edges and allows us to see what was there before there was Homelander. In not really surprising news, Stormfront is once again the MVP of this episode. Aya Cash`s portrayal of the despicable Stormfront is just so good. Knowing Aya from mostly comedic appearances, seeing her create such a well rounded and deep character within this amount of episodes was a great experience. Don‘t get me wrong I hate her Nazzi ass but Aya`s performance has depth and stength which often lacks with the other main charactes.

Shantel VanSanten`s Becca comes crashing into The Boys life and asks form help prompting the season finale to escalate beyond imaginable. While the finale delivers on the blood front quite well, it creates enough conflict which rises the stakes and backstabbing high enough to deliver a proper emotional resolution.

As expected the season finale has a couple of twists up its sleeve that will shock you and make you wish the show`s next season was already filmed.