Thursday, 10 September 2020

The Boys Episode 4 Preview

Last week The Boys returned to Amazon for its second season. However unlike the first season which was available all at once to satisfy our binging needs, Amazon released only the first 3 episodes last week with the rest switching to a weekly roll-out. 


Though a slightly controversial policy, it is something we are finding more and more streaming platforms to be doing. Whether that’s a result of increased competition since streaming is fast becoming the new cable TV, an economical strategy to keep subscribers on board or trying to stretch their calendars out to provide as much original content as they can is anyone’s guess. 

Sometimes the weekly roll-out can work better in wetting the audiences appetite, whilst also providing a break for when things get a bit too intense and allow some thinking time to gather thoughts before the next episode. The Boys was without a doubt my favourite new show of last year. Having watched Anthony Starr in Banshee and American Gothic, it’s a pleasure to have him back on screen and once again showcasing his acting abilities as Homelander. There’s no doubting he’s an absolutely despicable character who we’re not at all supposed to root for, but Anthony brings that special something to the role that at least makes you understand on a level why he is the way that he is. 

Having said that though whilst the first season got off to a flyer and never dropped in pace, this second season is taking a bit of time to get going. The opening episodes were ok enough, providing us with more of the shows trademark dark humour, but storytelling wise things have seemed a little slow in places and it hasn’t felt as gripping as the first season. 

The opening 3 episodes ended with Stormfront defying Homelanders orders and killing Kimiko’s supe brother, along with a dozen black people as her closeted racism came to the surface. The language used wasn’t at all pleasant and neither was the way Kimiko’s brother was murdered, but The Boys has never shied away from the brutal nature of humanity. To the public, Stormfront is a breath of fresh air singing along to her own tune. She’s not interested in being another Voight mouth piece, nor does she seem all that afraid of Homelander like everyone else, which obviously makes him incredibly unhappy. 

This week’s episode sees Homelander take a good look at himself, his unhappiness, leadership skills and members of the Seven as he seeks to retain some form of control and his power. What this all provides for viewers is some rather…… interesting scenes. One in particular was rather bemusing to watch in the best way, with some of the weirdest dialogue exchanged. 

Stormfront, Maeve, A-Train and The Deep don’t feature much this week with the focus instead on Homelander, Starlight joining Marvin and Hughie on a road trip mission for information and Billy having to face up to some uncomfortable home truths. 

Parts of the episode are most definitely a step-up pace wise, but large parts still feel like they’re massively lagging and it’s never fun when episodes are a chore to get through. 

Episode 4 of The Boys drops tomorrow on Amazon Prime.