Thursday, 8 August 2019

Tawny K To Release New Single 'Listen Up' Tomorrow

Rising singer/songwriter Tawny K is proud to announce the release of her latest single, ‘Listen Up’. Produced by Matthew Williams, the track is a fun and infectious pop hit that is sure to have fans singing along and down on the dance floor. Fans will be excited to know that Tawny has also released an accompanying full-length music video for the track, which is streaming now on Vevo.

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Tawny developed a passion for music from a very young age. As an artist, she has always been heavily influenced by some of the biggest international names in pop, including the likes of Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Anne Marie, and Dua Lipa. Although Tawny grew up around music and has played instruments since the time she was in primary school, she only started writing her own music from the age of 21.

During this time, record producer, Matthew Williams helped Tawny experiment with the elements of her own sound. Combined with Tawny’s natural ability to write expressive and emotional lyrics, she soon found herself creating music that was fresh, honest, and enjoyable. Most importantly, Tawny has always valued music that remains true to herself and who she wants to become as an artist. As a result, there is a powerful sense of reliability in each of her songs.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Tawny’s latest release, ‘Listen Up’. Here, the young artist shows off her willingness to talk about topics that are real and relatable, by singing about the need to be understood and listened to by friends and loved ones. For listeners, the track begs the question as to whether or not it is worth it to get up and walk away from a problem, or to stick around and see it through.

Musically, the track features an upbeat dance rhythm, which ultimately builds towards a powerful EDM/electronic breakdown near the end of the chorus. This unique blend of EDM and pop takes ‘Listen Up’ to the next level. Whether it be on the dance floor with friends, or hanging out around the house, this track is sure to get listeners singing along and feeling inspired.

To help celebrate the release of this track, Tawny K has also produced a full-length music video. The video follows a fun-filled “getaway” in the Grand Hotel, meant to drive home the point that sometimes you just need a little space to escape. Produced over a crazy 30-hour period, the video is the result of an incredible and passionate team who each found a way to contribute and help Tawny realise her dream. Ultimately, the release of ‘Listen Up’ has proven to be an important milestone in Tawny K’s young career. It is not only an exciting and fresh new song, but a true example of everything she hopes to become as a rising artist.

For Fans Of: Rita Ora | Dua Lipa | Justin Beiber