Thursday, 8 August 2019

Michael Blakeman Releases New Single 'Brazier To The Lake' On Friday

Future is the experimental debut EP from Michael Blakeman. The Perth musician has re-directed his progressive energy into the circuits of the analog, the lead single Brazier To The Lake a synthwave revitaliser.

After spending years on various rock and metal projects, the EP is Michael’s first foray into the sounds of the 80s. Self-produced and recorded in his home studio, Future matches revivalist gore with an emphatic melancholic energy. The lead single Brazier to the Lake a dark and brooding march of operaHc drama and retro-futuristic voguing.

Fueled by the complexity and experimentation of metal music, composition and songwriting quickly became a large part of his musical focus. Michael's second love is technology, and it wasn't long before he learned how to combine them by pursuing audio production and sound engineering.

Fast forward to 2019 and Michael has released his first solo EP effort, Future.
“This release was a huge step outside of my comfort zone,” says Michael. “I’ve been involved with music for a while, but nearly all of that time was spent playing guitar in various bands. I wanted to push myself by creating something of my own from the ground up. Earlier this year I became enamored with the classic Minimoog synth sound, so I decided to take a deep dive into the sound and aesthetic of the era it inspired.”

Spanning six songs, Future listens through like The Human League have been hacked by Pertubator, Michael Blakeman expands upon the tireless tropes, re-invigorating the textural and rhythmic possibilities with an influx of technical and metal-rooted inspiration. The tweaked instrumentals and warbled odes only deepening Blakeman’s commitment to exploration and electric vibes.

For Fans Of: Luke Million | M83 | Perturbator

‘Brazier To The Lake’ will be in digital stores on the 9th of August.
The ‘Future’ EP by Micheal Blakeman will be released 23rd of August.