Saturday, 20 July 2019

Nicki French Releases New Single 'Raise Your Voice'

Fresh from the success of her recent Eurovision EP release, Nicki French returns to her phenomenal pop album Glitter to the Neon Lights for the next single - the intoxicatingly powerful Raise Your Voice.

Nicki's career rocketed in 1995 when her dance version of Total Eclipse of the Heart stormed the global charts, resulting in a top 2 smash both sides of the Atlantic and selling in excess of five million copies - a mean feat not repeated by many to this day. After two hit albums and numerous single releases worldwide, she then represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 with Don't Play That Song Again, which propelled her back into the media spotlight, and is one of the self-confessed highlights of her singing career.

A plethora of singles and albums graced dancefloors the world over in the years that followed, including her recent singles This Love, Teardrops on the Disco Floor and On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Away.

'A world descended into madness tramples on the weak, until they've gotten used to being too afraid to speak.'

Raise Your Voice has been a fan favourite since Glitter to the Neon Lights hit the shelves last November. It's what every self-confessed pop music lover has been craving: highenergy, synth-driven pop beats, a diverse remix package, and Nicki's effortless vocals sprinkled into the magic mix.

'The narcissists and their disciples toast to their control, believing not an ember's left to spark a broken soul.'

Written by two powerhouses, Charlie Mason and Adrian Bax White, the uplifting lyrics speak of empowerment, change and overcoming adversity against the odds - a modern pop anthem giving everyone a voice.

'Let's prove to them how wrong they are, let's prove to them that we're strong. Unleash the power in your heart, in our rebellion song.'

Matt Pop is back on production duties, taking the lead with the radio mix and a huge tribal club remix which will be a sure-fire dancefloor filler. Ricardo Autobahn joins the line-up with a trance-inspired offering, whilst fans of the 80s synth-driven sound will relish in the Sakgra remix. The original mix (previously only available on CD2 of Glitter to the Neon Lights) rounds off the package.

'Raise your voice for me, raise it to the heavens ablaze, tell the devils staring down, things are gonna change.'

So, whatever you believe in, play it loud, stand proud, and Raise Your Voice!

Raise Your Voice is released on Tuesday 16th July 2019 on CD from the Energise Records store and then across the digital download and streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify etc) on Monday 22nd July 2019.

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Raise Your Voice EP Tracklisting:

1. Matt Pop Album Mix
2. Sakgra Remix
3. Ricardo Autobahn Remix
4. Matt Pop Tribal Club Mix
5. Original Version