Friday, 26 July 2019

Cooperr Releases New Single 'Like I Do'

Pop princess Cooperr. is thrilled to release a second single, Like I Do, from her debut EP, Running Wild. This moody pop banger is sure to thrill and excite you, as it takes listeners on a journey of forbidden love, and the action taken to requite it.

Like I Do tells a fictional story of a girl who decides to run away with the love of her life due to disapproval from her family. The song is written in the style of an open letter, which hopes to explain to her family why she has left everything behind to start a new life with her soulmate.

‘This track gives me such a thrill. I love telling a story through my music, and I can so clearly envision a modern day Romeo and Juliet style couple, (without the tragic ending of course), leaving it all behind to be together without the disapproval of their families. My favourite line that I think really shows the desperation and need to escape is, ‘You take my hand, let me lead you far away from here. Shadows in the night, if we make a sound we won’t get out alive.’ - Cooperr.

The combination of whisper like vocals in the verses and powerful projection in the chorus bring a light and shade to the track which is essential in bringing it to life. When listening to the dynamic production and powerful melodies, it is hard not to be swept up in the dramatic textures and rebellious vibe.

Like I Do was recorded and produced by ENIJAE, a dynamic duo located on the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia. Together, the three artists have managed to create a truly special and captivating track.

2019 has been a big year for Cooperr. thus far with the release of her debut EP in February, and the commencement of a second EP beginning shortly thereafter. Songwriting and performing will always be apart of this young musicians life, as she has been doing so since she was just eight years old. Most recently Cooperr. was recognised as a semi finalist in the 2018 International Unsigned Only songwriting competition and received plays and editorial support on national broadcaster Triple J Unearthed radio. This was a truly humbling experience for this first time applicant, and a real testament to the development of her songwriting skills.

‘Like I Do’ by Cooperr. is out July 26th.