Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Coming Up On Coronation Street 22nd - 26th July


Gary lets himself in to Rick’s house, helps himself to one of Rick’s jackets and starts to smear it with anti-vandal paint however Sharon catches him red-handed.

Gemma starts work at the shop and dons a red wig to disguise herself from Chesney but her plan fails and Chesney is furious, worried she’s putting her babies at risk. Gemma refuses to listen.

Evelyn starts her smear campaign about Larry the electrician and Roy is horrified. Mary helps Roy clean the cafe but they are interrupted by an angry Larry, convinced Roy is the one behind the bad-mouthing. Larry launches himself at him

Ali suggests he and Maria have lunch but Maria already has a date. Maria meets up with Anthony, her internet date.

Kevin reveals to Jack that he’s had a sports blade made for him so he can run again. Paula calls at No.13 clearly stressed and explains to Sophie and Kevin that her house has been burgled for a second time.


The police haul Gary in, is this the end for Gary? Toyah and Imran apologise and reconcile with Nick and Leanne.

Ed tells Roy that a friend who wishes to remain anonymous has paid the deposit so that he can start work on the wiring in the cafe. Roy’s taken aback. Roy tells Evelyn about his mystery benefactor and how he’d like to identify them so he can pay them back. Evelyn’s reckons he should accept the gift with good grace. As Roy and Evelyn continue to bicker, Tyrone notices an underlying fondness between them.

Over dinner, Sophie quizzes Paula about her two break-ins but she’s keen to change the subject. Sophie invites Paula to stay the night at No.13 and they kiss tenderly.

Maria’s had enough of dating and does a runner, crashing into Ali on the street and injuring her foot in the process. Ali helps her home but Maria gives him short shrift. Gemma and Chesney discuss doing a radio show about the quads.

Wednesday 24th July - MUM’S THE WORD FOR GEMMA

Jane from Radio Weatherfield interviews Gemma and Chesney about their quads. In the Rovers, everyone gathers round to listen. When Chesney admits they’re not married, Jane urges the listeners to tweet their support for Gemma and Chesney to marry. As the customers make cash donations towards the babies’ futures Chesney plucks up the courage and tells Gemma he never stopped loving her and wants to try again. But as he leans in for a kiss, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Gemma’s Mum, Bernie, who reveals she’s about to be made homeless and needs money. When Gemma offers her the cash from the charity collection Chesney’s appalled.

Kevin’s unimpressed to realise Paula stayed the night. When Paula assures him it was a one-off and she’s looking to rent a flat, Sophie announces she’d like to move in with her. Kevin admits he thinks Paula is too old for her. Sophie’s offended and tells him they’re in love and he’d better get used to the idea.

When Alya and Ryan clock Ali gazing wistfully at Maria, they come up with a plan and dupe Maria and Ali into having lunch together at Speed Daal. Although initially awkward, they’re soon getting on well and the chemistry is evident.

Having recognised Aggie from the pharmacy, Kirk asks her for some advice about the rash on his bum. Aggie’s horrified. Tracy moans to Steve that she’s sick of driving a cab and can’t wait for him to get his licence back. Steve and Tim exchange guilty looks. After another successful unicorn party, Steve and Tim are intrigued to see Robert in a pub garden with Vicky.


Chesney lays down the law and refuses to hand over the charity money to Bernie. Paul calls in the Rovers and is horrified to find Bernie there. Warning Gemma it’ll end in tears, he storms out. Chesney apologises to Gemma for being hard on her mum and says she can stay at No.5 and he’ll kip on the sofa. Gemma’s grateful but as Chesney prepares for a night on the couch, he’s horrified when Bernie suggests he could share the big bed with her!

When Michelle suggests that Maria’s simply after Ali’s money, Maria’s offended as Ali casts a look of disbelief at his Mum. Michelle later apologises to Maria and admits she’s over protective of Ali. Maria assures her it’s fine and at 9 years her junior, it would never have worked out anyway. Having overheard Ali’s gutted and Maria’s mortified.

Kirk begs Aggie to take a look at the rash on his bum. As Ed and Beth round the corner, they’re horrified by what they see. Kevin voices his concerns about the age gap to Paula but tells her she’s welcome to stay at No.13 as she makes Sophie happy. As Kevin hurries off he bumps into a passerby who steal his keys from his pocket. When Adam lets slip that Steve got his licence back a while ago, Tracy’s fuming while Liz reckons he’s up to something. Liz and Tracy rifle through Steve’s holdall and are shocked to find Liz’s hair extensions, glitter and a strap-on unicorn horn.


Kevin can’t find his keys but when he gets a call from Roy to say he’s broken down in the Woody, he reluctantly leaves Jack alone in the house as he goes to help. The man who stole Kevin’s keys lets himself into No.13 and starts rifling through Paula’s legal papers. Realising there’s an intruder a terrified Jack texts Kevin and hides under his bed. Panicking Kevin races home.

Chesney’s freaked out to find Bernie stark naked in the kitchen and when she suggests they spend the day in bed, Chesney makes a rapid exit. He confides in Paul who confronts Bernie and orders her to keep her hands off Chesney. Bernie lies to Gemma, making out it’s Chesney who’s making her feel uncomfortable as he clearly has the hots for her. When an angry Gemma accuses him of fancying her mum, Chesney’s incredulous.

As Steve and Tim set off to a unicorn party, Tracy and Liz follow them. They’re stunned to find Steve and Tim in the back of the horsebox dressing Tiny. Tracy tears a strip off Steve for lying about his taxi licence and setting up a business behind her back. Steve and Tim beg her to let them do one last party as they don’t want to let the kids down.

When Sally treats Abi to a manicure, she’s shocked as Alina gives her the cold shoulder. Kirk advises Ali not to give up on Maria as it’s clear she fancies him. Ali’s pleased.


Kevin breaks down the front door, the burglar makes his escape out the back but runs straight into Abi who takes him down. As the police arrest the man, Kevin’s puzzled to note nothing appears to be missing. Having called the police for confirmation, a shifty Paula apologises, revealing the burglar is known to her, he’s a criminal who she’s acting against and has been targeting her for a while. Kevin and Sophie tear a strip off Paula for putting their family in danger. Paula offers to pack her bags and Sophie agrees it’s for the best.

Chesney assures Gemma that Bernie has been coming onto him, not the other way round. Gemma’s unconvinced as Paul tries to make her see that Bernie’s out to cause trouble and Chesney would never fancy her in a million years. Gemma calls at No.5 and tells Chesney and Bernie she’s moving in with them as it’s clear she can’t trust them to live alone.

Maria drags Ali back to her flat to listen to the radio. When the DJ reads out a request from Maria, dedicating her song to Ali, Ali’s touched and they kiss passionately.

When Seb finds out from Abi that Alina is still working at the nail salon, he’s upset to think she lied in order to avoid him.

Steve and Tim let themselves into No.4 to be met by laughter coming from the garden where they find a tiddly, Sally, Tracy, Liz and Michael lounging in a hot tub. Sally and Tracy reveal they purchased it with the unicorn party money. Steve lets slip to Tracy that he saw Robert and Vicky together and Robert made out he’s helping Tyler find a job, Tracy’s intrigued.