Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Alice's Night Circus to Release New Single 'The Machine' On Friday + Album Track Listing & Tour Dates


"A dazzling dose of enchanting new wave and spellbinding post-punk delivered with the confidence of Florence Welch and the hypnotic mystery of The Cocteau Twins, Alice's Night Circus are one of those battle-born bands that arrive out of nowhere fully-formed. Awash in dark melodies and swirling arrangements and punctuated by vocals that are heart-stompingly seductive, this is the band to look for." -- Alex Green, Stereo Embers Magazine

"The whole album is stuffed with inspirational language, especially Stand Up. This seems to be a rally cry for those who are bullied or victimized in life but have held their head high and not succumbed to the pressure." -- Moriarty Viccar, Steampunk Journal

“With her project, Alice’s Night Circus, musician Julia Scott injects a dizzying energy and confidence into her music, whether singing motivating lyrics on “Stand Up” or weaving together macabre stories on “Penny Dreadful”. Everything Julia does is cinematic and dynamic; from her theatric visual to her bold, dark, and vivid sound, Scott never fails to captivate and excite.” – Abby Jeffers, Indientry

Alice’s Night Circus will be releasing, for the first time on all digital platforms, the full-length album Metamorphose, 23-August-2019. Prior to album release you can listen & share the latest single, “The Machine” from the up-coming digital release out 26-July-2019.

Alice (Julia Scott) is classically trained and started her journey in classical music before venturing into her own style of music which encompasses influences from a wide range of music genres and literature.

Sheffield-born Julia Scott, of Alice’s Night Circus, is a natural performer. Bringing to the stage a presence of Siouxsie Sioux, the vocal command of Bj√∂rk and the dark arresting live performances of Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano, Julia is a rare and singular talent. Thanks to her arresting live performances over the past few years, Julia has developed a growing global fan base, playing shows at Zandari Festa Music Festival, Seoul, South Korea, Liverpool Sound City, Mini Herfest at the Tramlines Fringe, and most recently stepping out of her comfort zone to create a VLOG where you can catch Julia doing a “Nasty Habits” (Oingo Boingo) cover.

Alice has had ME since the age of 17 and the life experiences this has brought her have strongly influenced her music, which concentrates on the positive outcomes that can be achieved by overcoming life’s difficulties.

Metamorphose Track Listing

Curious World
The Machine
Never Enough
Stand Up (lead single)
Dark Water
War Of The Worlds
Penny Dreadful (Mr. Strange)
The Show Must Go On

Live Dates

July 27th & 28th -- Crofton’s Splendid Summer Steampunk Steaming
August 10th & 11th -- 2019 Legendary Llangollen Faery Festival
August 25th – Asylum XI Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Castle
August 26th – Lincoln Asylum XI Dead Dog Party, The Engine Shed University of Lincoln Brayford Pool
September 14th -- Hastings Steampunk Circus Of Curiosities
September 20th -- The Night Circus, Lincoln Castle
September 21st -- Cogwarts Steampunk Spectacular Grand Steam Ball
September 28th – The Gosport Steampunk Festival Soiree