Friday, 14 June 2019

Taylor Swift Releases 'You Need To Calm Down' + All The Details On Her New Album "Lover"

Taylor came and she most surely delivered! The singer today finally revealed the name of her new album, its release date and the title of her next single which drops at midnight.

To start off with the single, it's rather appropiately called 'You Need To Calm Down' and the accompanying music video will drop on Monday on Good Morning America. You can click play on the lyric video below. Whilst 'ME!' tried a little too hard to be fun and came across as anything but, 'You Need To Calm Down' strikes the right balance, with a catchy chorus that will soon be stuck in your head, a fairly nice beat to dance to, and sees Taylor urging others to be more careful with their words & continuing to voice her support for the LGBT community. It's a good change of pace considering a large part of her fanbase belongs to the community, and Taylor has long faced criticism for not being as vocal in her support as other high profile people.

The singer also revealed that her hotly anticipated album is called "Lover"! It's already available to pre-order on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and the official store via this handy link with the album due to be released on the 23rd August. The iTunes listing notes the album has 18 tracks, including the already released 'ME!' and according to the singer they'll be 4 deluxe versions of the album, all available from Target in the US and they'll all have exclusive content!

During the Instagram Live reveal, Taylor Swift thanked her dedicated fanbase saying "I wanted to thank you for absolutely everything because you make this so much fun to do. Honestly, the fact that you care .... I don't ever take that for granted, the fact that you care about stuff that I make, and the fact that you care about the detail, like the title, the amount of songs, and what it's about, it's like, really wonderful of you to put that much effort into something I really put a lot of effort into and care a lot about, I care a lot about you guys, your experiences, the fact that you think it's fun to have it be more than just like listening to a song"