Friday, 14 June 2019

Little Mix Unveil Bounce Back Music Video

Steady, are you ready?

LM5 was Little Mix's best album to date but unfortunately didn't get its just rewards due to the band splitting with Syco shortly before the album's release and whilst the likes of 'Woman Like Me', 'Think About Us' and 'Strip' might've gotten the single treatment, we'll be crying in a corner over 'Joan of Arc' and 'Wasabi' never recieving the attention they deserved. Thankfully though 'Bounce Back' is a brilliant comeback of sorts single, with an equally fiesty music video.

With Toy Story 4 due to hit cinemas soon, it seems only right that the 'Bounce Back' video would be centered around dolls going wild with their young owner seemingly oblivious to the escapades going down inside the bright pink house! The single features a sample from Soul II Soul’s 1989 chart-topper 'Back To Life' and whilst some samples can feel tacked on, it actually gels surprisingly well with the songs overall theme.

There's no word yet on when Little Mix's sixth studio album will be released, or if 'Bounce Back' will be the first of many new singles along the way, but one thing that can be said for sure is Little Mix continue to reign surpreme as Pop's best girl group and aren't fading from the limelight anytime soon!