Sunday, 9 June 2019

Coming Up On Coronation Street 10th - 14th June


Consulting with Adam, Nick warns Sarah that whether she likes it or not he intends to take back control of the factory. Fuming to learn that David has wheedled his way back in with the family, Nick locks David in the barber’s, aiming to prevent him from checking in with the police. As the boys fight will David get to the station in time?

With Yasmeen also wanting to pull out of the syndicate, Sally threatens the women with legal action. Tim heads off to check on Tiny but returning home from the stables in a state he reveals that the horse has gone!

Mary and Ken watch with sadness as Ed clears the contents of No.3 into a skip. Ed’s amused when Ken mistakes him for a builder and not the new owner of the house.

Having done some sums, Chesney’s horrified to realise how much it will cost to look after four babies.


When Tracy tells David she gave Natalie a lift, he offers her a tenner in return for her address. David and Shona set off in search of Natalie. David and Shona arrive at Natalie’s flat, but they’re gutted when Natalie’s flat mate reveals that she’s cleared out her stuff and gone.

As Tim accuses Geoff and Yasmeen of Tiny’s disappearance, Sally reveals she sold the horse. Tim’s shocked while Yasmeen’s annoyed that Geoff spoke for her and said she wanted out of the syndicate. As Tim describes the bond he had with Tiny and how much he’s going to miss him Sally’s taken aback.

When Adam reveals that he’s refused to act for Nick and has spoken to Peter who is going to talk to Carla to get official permission to put her in charge, Sarah’s shocked.

In the Rovers, Ed enjoys winding up Ken and Chesney, making out that the new owners of No.3 have ten children and a similar number of animals. As he and son James beaver away at No.3, Ken threatens to complain to the new neighbours about the noise. Gemma and Chesney clash over how best to budget for the arrival of quads.


Adam offers to help Sarah free of charge, in her mission to take control of the factory. Calling at No.8 he tells Sarah he’s managed to persuade Nick to let her run the factory (he tells him sacking his workforce wouldn’t look good in front of a jury he’s trying to convince he didn’t sabotage the roof). Sarah kisses him but as they head upstairs, they’re horrified to hear the front door unlocking. Bethany gave Gary the keys to cook Sarah a surprise meal!

As Ed takes ownership of the builder’s yard, Gary calls in hoping for some work but Ed’s heard about Gary’s reputation and isn’t interested. When

Ken complains about the noise at No.3 and demands the name of the owner a mischievous Ed hands over Aggie’s details. Steve is sent over to clear the air but when he’s introduced to Aggie, husband Ed and son James, Steve is horrified to realise that James is the lad he threatened in his taxi as was knocked down by a car. Ed and Aggie listen in horror.

As Maria chats to Michelle, she spots Michael leaving the builder’s yard. Michael approaches the women but it’s clear his interest lies in Michelle, not Maria. Michael tracks Michelle down to the bistro and invites her to join him for a drink. Masking his jealousy, Robert suggests she finishes early. Michelle’s hurt by Robert’s apparent indifference.

David suspects Nick had something to do with Natalie’s disappearance. Yasmeen apologises to Sally for Geoff’s interference and hands over her share of Tiny’s stable fees.


As Gary enters Sarah quickly straightens her clothes while Adam hides in the kitchen. Gary explains it was meant to be a surprise but Sarah can’t get him out of there quick enough so suggests they go for a drink. When Adam joins them in the Rovers Sarah’s horrified until Adam takes the hint and leaves. Finally extracating herself from Gary, Sarah calls at Adam’s flat. Will they pick up where they left off?

Aggie and Ed tear a strip off James for risking his career as a footballer by getting involved in a car accident. Ken invites Aggie and Ed to join he, Tracy and Steve for a drink. However Evelyn plonks herself down uninvited.

Robert puts on a brave face as Michelle arrives for her date looking a million dollars. The date goes well until Michael invites Michelle back to his ‘bachelor pad’ for coffee and it turns out to be his mum and dad’s old house! Has Michael blown his chances? Meanwhile the Baileys crack open the rum and agree they wouldn’t choose to live on Coronation Street but they’ll have to make the best of things.

After a bit of horsing around Sally and Tim agree that Tiny can be their joint project and they’ll share responsibility. David and Shona investigate Natalie’s disappearance


As Michelle gives Michael a gentle ribbing on the street, Robert confides in Daniel how he misses Michelle and blames himself for ruining their relationship. Having overheard this Michelle’s moved and comes up with a plan. When Daniel tells Robert there’s an emergency at the bistro he rushes over but is taken aback to find Michelle alone in the candlelit bistro. Admitting she still loves him, Michelle asks a stunned Robert to try again. ADAM’S SEXY TALK FAILS Having spent the night with Adam, Sarah makes it clear she wants to keep their relationship secret, Adam’s hurt. An oblivious Bethany urges Gary not to give up on Sarah.

Ed helps Roy with is broken cooker, while Aggie calls at No.1 with a cake and apologises to Ken for the racket going on next door.

When Sinead receives a letter from the hospital confirming her MRI scan she puts on a brave face. Beth’s chuffed to be asked to mind Bertie, until she finds out she was second choice to Ken. Brian realises his literacy lessons with Abi are going to be an uphill struggle.


Robert assures Michelle he’s always loved her and wants to make another go of it. Johnny and Jenny are delighted to hear they’re back together while Ali masks his concern. Making out he’s visiting a young offender, Robert sneaks off to deal with some unfinished business, determined to look to the future.

Adam and Sarah row on the street about keeping their relationship under wraps, Gary watches on but gets short shrift from Sarah when he goes to check on her. Apologising to Adam, Sarah explains that Gary still has feelings for her and she doesn’t want to hurt him. Adam suggests they slip off and spend the day at a hotel together.

As Brian explains a poem to Abi, he uses the bequeathing of a ring as an analogy. Roy’s annoyed, assuming Brian is making a dig at his mother’s ring.

Beth’s unimpressed as Ken takes photos for his photography class while Claudia minds Bertie. Asserting Bertie would be better off with her, Sinead’s amused to realise she’s jealous. Ken’s horrified to find a huge hole in the living room wall as Ed and Michael work on the plastering.