Sunday, 2 June 2019

Tove Lo Releases New Single 'Glad He's Gone'

"He’s gone. He’s gone. Better off, I’m glad that he’s gone"

That's the message Swedish singer Tove Lo is sharing on her brand new single 'Glad He's Gone'. The song, produced by The Struts and Shellback, sees the singer playing supportive girlfriend as she tries to help her friend get over a break-up.

“It’s the obligatory pep-talk you give your girlfriend when she’s going through a breakup,” the hitmaker explains to Idolator. “You’re reminding her she’s your partner-in-crime and showing unconditional support.”

This being Tove Lo though, the song has a typically playful edge to it with the singer making references to the boyfriend's faults with lyrics such as 'He loves being f-cking hard to please' and 'Did you go down on his birthday? (Yup)'. It's this type of give no f-cks attitude and being so open that has gained Tove Lo such a loyal fan following.

Tove Lo will be releasing her new album, suspected to be called "Sunshine Kitty" later this year. The album will serve as a follow-up to her 2017 album "Blue Lips" and you can listen to 'Glad He's Gone' below.