Thursday, 9 May 2019

Steve Hewitt Releases New Single 'Bigger Than Words

British singer/songwriter ‘Steve Hewitt’ has crafted a beautiful and accomplished debut studio album release mixing acoustic rock, country, pop, blues and folk with an intimate and soul-bearing honesty that is rarely heard in one track, let alone an entire album. Steve Hewitt's greatest weapon is his ability to translate human emotions and experiences into his song writing sensibilities and deliver music that touches a nerve with listeners.

The Edenbridge/Kent (UK) native has collaborated with producer Paul West (Awesome Source Music) to construct an album that compliments both Steve’s artistic vision and his broad sonic palette. In Steve’s own words – “This Album is full of life, it touches upon heartbreak, hypocrisy, loss, deeper love, truth and wisdom. Every song on this album has been born out of experience”. Despite the evident influences of folk, blues, country and alternative rock flowing through Hewitt’s creative veins, the syncretic approach to drawing from multiple sources has helped shape his own distinctive voice within the Alternative folk roots scene in the United Kingdom. Whilst steeped in the earthy acoustic tones and allowing simplicity to carry the message of his songs, ‘Bigger Than Words’ is tastefully merges natural, acoustic and electronic sounds. An album that pushes and pulls between genre boundaries with each finely crafted track transmitting its own unique character and identity.

Aiming for a more expansive sound to bring his songs to life – Steve Hewitt has enlisted in guests such as UK country trio Orfila and Texan duo The Reed Brothers. Further guests appearances include Cellist Miriam Cox who performed on Steve’s’ ‘Pushing Me Away’ debut single for Engineer Records. Producer Paul West features on vocals/drums along with seasoned musicians Joe Martin (Bass), Jonathan Williams (Keyboards) and Rob Townley (Guitar) all adding their stylistic flair to the studio productions. Whilst firmly keeping a foot in Steve's 'live' sound, the songs have been enhanced and complimented by tastefully arranged instrumentation. Adding the finishing edges to the 10 track album offering - Steve has brought in the highly acclaimed Pete Maher (U2, Lana Del Ray, Kelly Clarkson etc) for mastering duties.

Hewitt has shared stages with Newton Faulkner, Emma Stevens, Toploader, StarSailor and many more and shall be frequenting various UK venues and festivals in support of his album release. Pushing forward with his endless desire to bring his music to the hearts of a national and international audience - Steve Hewitt is out to prove he is in game for the long haul and the future will certainly witness many new releases from this British artist.

Bigger Than Words OUT NOW!