Friday, 24 May 2019

SEEKAY Release New Single 'Candlelight'

Seekay is the performance vehicle and persona of an Australian songwriter and poet. Their poetry has been published on both sides of the Atlantic and they have received scriptwriting awards and mentions in the US and UK. Late last year they released their first commercial song Hurts which received positive reviews, airplay and numerous global Spotify listings.

They’re now releasing their follow-up Candlelight, reprising their original, mid-tempo “electronica with a twist” signature love song sound, (nods to Nicholas Jaar and The Weeknd) and adding a breakdown as original and unexpected as Barbara Lewis’ Hello Stranger from the Academy Award winning movie Moonlight. The song was produced in NYC by Chris Halac and mastered by Sterling Sound in New Jersey. The production and arrangement re-enforces the song’s theme of a reluctant but wise relationship break up, a slow and close dance upon the echoes of desire.

Refreshingly and unusually in this totally insta-obsessed era Seekay maintains a very low profile to invite and encourage audiences to focus on the work. The unexpected success of the first song Hurts has strengthened Seekay’s belief that conventional identities aren’t necessary in order to widely engage fans’ desire to feel understood, to feel free of suggestion. They believe that “artistically anything beyond that to me is really the purview of things that detract and distract me from focusing on the things that never change - better songs, better lyrics, great players and producers - and through that - the inexplicable moving of listeners souls, as music has always done.”.

Candlelight is the guiding beacon for personal growth, the discomfort endured adding depth of character amongst it’s shadowy ambience and persistent rhythm. Seekay continues to connect and illuminate music’s enlightened tuition.

‘Candlelight’ by SEEKAY is out now.