Saturday, 4 May 2019

Bertie Anderson Releases New Single 'Toxic'

Bertie Anderson, R&B Singer-Songwriter, has been making headway since a push to take his career to the next level in 2016. Originally from Cairns on the Far North East Coast of Queensland and now based in Perth, Western Australia, his production and vocal style forms a unique sound manifesting from his musical influences (from New Age Alternative R&B to R&B from the 90’s) and this transgresses to smooth, high-energy live performances.

Bertie Anderson's latest single Toxic gives listeners an insight into a slightly different production style, forged by the musical influence of Michael Jackson. Lyrically, Toxic depicts the emotional and mental state an individual encounters whilst in a tumultuous relationship. The track serves up an energetic chorus aligned with a punchy, driving bass line that compliments the sound of live instruments to transition into a more electronic sound throughout the verses.

The release of Bertie’s previous independent single Ice Cream has attracted positive reviews from multiple platforms including BBM 98.7FM, Coast2Coast Live Radio, Alex A’s New Music Fridays, Spotify’s Deadly Beats and Triple J Unearthed.

Bertie has gained a significant amount of interest in the international market in North America with radio play, positive reviews and feedback from industry professionals at major record companies.

“It has always been on the cards to relocate and try to penetrate the US market but I feel there's more for me here still in Australia” - Bertie Anderson

Bertie Anderson is always eager to work and collaborate with other similar artists and is ready to perform live locally and abroad whenever it see fit. The writing process happens continuously everyday, so it's always the usual process to record new material in the very near future.

As true live performer, Bertie Anderson is endeavouring to develop his art form and transgress to play at more venues and to give audiences that wow factor. The recording and production experience was thoroughly enjoyable for Bertie and his co writer and producer A.J Lyriq and moving forward, they are avid to record new material, which is constantly in the works.

Bertie Anderson’s production experience and musical influences has provided a sound that is ‘radio ready with lush vocal harmonies’ and provides ‘something sure to make you dance … but at the same time … an emotional statement.’ Bertie looks forward to sharing this and many more tracks with others.

For Fans Of: Jason Derulo | Michael Jackson

‘Toxic’ is available now in digital stores.