Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Coming Up On Coronation Street 6th - 10th May


Mary is incensed to see Freda showing and estate agent into number 3. With no word still from Norris she chats to Tracy who suggests that maybe Freda has done away with him. Mary dashes to number 3 where she is horrified to find the urn, as she runs out of the house hysterical with Freda running after her a can pulls up and out gets Norris!

Geoff persaudes Tim to cancel coming for dinner and prepares a romantic meal for him and Yasmeen. He’s angry when Alya is also there and she leaves feeling like she is not wanted. Yasmeen’s disappointed and Geoff loses his temper, accusing her of doing everything she can to avoid spending time alone with him. As Geoff storms out, Yasmeen looks at his departing back in disbelief.

Dev is surprised when he goes to Kebab shop and finds Gemma with her feet up watching a film and Tim helping himself behind the counter.

Dev warns Asha and Aadi that depending how they do in their school tests, he’ll be adjusting their pocket money accordingly. A downbeat Ryan tells Rita how he was once a successful DJ and now he’s cleaning loos and chopping veg. Bethany hands him a flyer for a club in town and reveals how she’s bigged him up to the owner and secured him a DJ gig. Ryan thanks Bethany for her efforts but reckons he’s too out of touch and wouldn’t be any good.


Norris reveals to a stunned Mary that he and Freda are engaged and he wants a divorce so he can marry her. Mary is suspicious of Freda’s motives and spotting her diamond bracelet accuses her of being a gold digger and refuses to grant the divorce.

Yasmeen apologises to Geoff and asks him to come back to the house. He’s glad to have got his own way but things go downhill when he takes offence when she thinks his dumplings are cauliflower so they head to the pub where Tim confesses that Geoff asked them to cancel.

Chesney assures Dev that Tim wasn’t stealing from the till but was helping out as Gemma is pregnant and needed a rest.

Bethany presents Ryan with a box of vinyl and tells him to start listening to it as her mate is looking for a DJ for an 80s soul night. Ali points out to Ryan that Bethany must have the hots for him as she’s gone to so much trouble buying him a box of records. But Ryan insists she’s just a mate. When Bethany suggests Alya should hire Ryan to do some DJ-ing at Speed Daal, she promises to think about it.

Dev takes a call from Asha’s form teacher which leaves him perplexed. Aadi warns Asha she’s going to be in serious trouble when Dev finds out how badly she’s done in their school test.

Wednesday 8th May 2019 - RYAN GETS THE GIRL

When Alya reveals she is booking Ryan for a DJ set at Speel Daal Geoff is angry saying he is also a DJ. To keep the peace Yasmeen says they can share the set. Alyas is having none of it though and sends Geoff packing. Ryan thanks Bethany for getting him the gig and as they flirt he moves in for a kiss but she recoils. Thinking she isn’t interested Ryan flirts with Alya who agrees on a date. Meanwhile Bethany confides in Sarah that she does really like Ryan, is she too late?

Freda shows Rita a pile of letters addressed to Mary that Norris had hidden at number 3. Meanwhile Mary tells Norris that as she cares for him and doesn’t think he should marry Freda she is refusing him a divorce.

Michelle’s concerned to receive a message from Peter threatening to jack in his rehab so he can continue his search for Carla. In a bid to stop Peter from leaving rehab, Michelle plans to go in search of Carla herself.

Aware that Asha fancies Corey from school, Amy plans to set them up on a date.

Wednesday 8th May 2019 - RYAN’S SPINNING INTO TROUBLE

Bethany gets Ryan to the salon flat saying she owes him an explanation about her behaviour. She bares her soul to him and explains she was scared and they kiss and move to the bedroom. Will Ryan come clean to Alya?

Rita reads the letters and realises they are from Brendan who is clearly still in love with Mary. The last letter contains an engagement ring. How will Mary react to the news?

Michelle’s touched when Daniel shows her the posters that Robert’s had made offering a reward for information about Carla.

When Sally reveals she’s meeting Paula for dinner in the bistro, Sophie’s put out. Over dinner, Paula asks after Sophie and is disappointed to hear she turned down the offer of joining them. Corey meets up with Asha and Amy in Speed Daal but it’s clear he’s only got eyes for Amy. Making excuses, Amy heads out leaving Asha and Corey alone, but Corey’s quick to follow and Asha’s devastated.


Alya is hurt to see Ryan and Bethany on the street clearly loved up. Ryan begs Alya not to tell Bethany he asked her out. Is Ryan’s secret safe?

Robert agrees to go on a lunch date with Michelle but when he cancels saying he needs to go to the wine suppliers she admits to Ali how much she misses him. Robert arrives at a hotel and is shocked by what he sees.

Mary confides in Rita that she’s left a message on Brendan’s phone explaining that she’s only just read his letters and she accepts his proposal of marriage. Norris apologises to Mary for keeping Brendan’s letters from her but insists he was simply trying to protect her. Mary’s heart leaps when she receives a text from Brendan suggesting they meet up.

Emma hands out fliers and does her best to drum up support for a talent contest in the Rovers. As Amy and Summer giggle at something on Amy’s phone, Asha’s convinced they’re laughing at her and heads off in tears. Having missed her exam, a tearful Asha admits her date with Corey was a disaster and it’s obvious he fancies Amy. Summer’s concerned for her. Paula calls at Speed Daal to see Sophie and it’s clear they’ve missed each other.


Norris assures Mary that he didn’t want Brendan to hurt her again and he was looking out for her as a friend. Freda’s furious, realising Mary means more to him than she does.

Ryan assures Bethany that he only asked Alya out as she’d made it clear she wasn’t interested. Having forgiven him, Alya offers Ryan a regular DJ set at Speed Daal and urges him not to give up on Bethany. Ryan’s grateful.

Paula invites Sophie to join her on her pony trekking holiday in Spain. Sophie’s thrilled. Sally’s delighted to realise they’re back together. Tim shows off his new sportswear to Sally and suggests they go for a power walk. Dev’s concerned when he receives a call from the school to say Asha missed her exam. When Aadi reveals Asha spends all her time on Snapchat rather than revising, Dev confiscates her phone. Once out of sight, Asha pulls out a spare phone from her pocket.