Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Coming Up On Coronation Street 29th April - 3rd May


As Toyah strips the beds, she’s shocked to find Wayne’s missing H&S report under Nick and Leanne’s mattress. Toyah shows Leanne the report and vows to hand it over to the police. Leanne begs Toyah not to go to the police until they’ve shown the report to Nick. When Toyah suggests it was Nick who sabotaged the factory roof, Leanne’s in turmoil.

Leanne tells Nick that she is worried Simon has too much on trying to look after Peter and wants him to move in with them. Nick agrees and says it is time Toyah and Imran moved out so Simon would have their room. Ken is worried about Peter and that he is not coping with Carla’s disappearance.

Placing a bowl of granola in front of him, Sally reminds Tim that he’s got his heart check up today. Sally’s horrified when Tim’s test results reveal that both his cholesterol and blood pressure have increased and insists that from now on, they’re going to do some serious exercise.

Jan calls in the flower shop and buys an expensive bouquet which he presents to Mary telling her he’s truly sorry for causing her injury. Mary starts to thaw towards him.


Nick returns home to find Toyah and Leanne in the middle of a row. Toyah hands him the report she found under the mattress but he insists it must have been planted there and takes it to the police. Will they believe him?

Claudia is shocked to see the state Peter is in when she goes to the house. Ken takes Peter to the doctor.

Dev and Steve join Tim and Sally on their power walk but when they return home and Sally heads up for a shower Tim helps himself to his secret stash of chocolate!

Elsewhere, there is confusion in the Rovers over which lady is the object of Jan’s affections, is it Moria, Mary or Eileen?


Leanne is stunned when Nick is arrested and questioned by the police who accuse him of being in cahoots with Carla to damage the roof for financial gain. Nick insists he had nothing to do with it. Leanne is rattled when Shona tells her she heard Nick telling David he had done things he wasn’t proud of.

Sally calls at the cab office with a shopping list for Tim and inviting Eileen for a healthy dinner with them. When Tracy also turns up Sally is put out - even more so when she empties Tim’s shopping bag to find it full of treats!

Gemma quits her job at Prima Donner as the smell of the kebab meat makes her sick. When she arrives in the Rovers and gets upset behind the bar Ryan takes her into the back room for a chat.

Mary describes a crazy dream she had to Tracy and reckons it’s a sign that she and Jan should be together. Acting on her dream, Mary tells Jan that she’d like to take him up on his offer of a drink. Jan worries that she’s got the wrong end of the stick and thinks they’re going on a date. When Brian enquires how Abi is progressing with her short story, she makes out it’s going well and she’ll have it with him very soon.


Leanne is angry with Shona for suggesting that Nick is dodgy and could well be responsible for the factory roof collapse. Nick returns to the street and assures David that the police are not interested in Audrey’s money. Toyah begs Leanne to realise that Nick is up to his old tricks lying to her again. What will Leanne do?

With the dinner party in full swing, Sally empties the shopping bag of treats into Tim’s lap and demands some answers. Telling Sally that he’s sick of her trying to control his every move, Tim heads out to the pub. Can Sally make him see the error of his ways?

A tearful Gemma admits to Ryan she misses Chesney and needs him more than ever. Ryan encourages her to talk to him and give it another go. As Gemma and Ryan emerge from behind the bar, Chesney jumps to the wrong conclusion. Deeply hurt, Gemma hurries out. Chesney kicks himself, realising he’s made a mistake.

Also, over a drink, Jan does his best to put Mary off, making out that the love of his life was killed by a cattle truck in Poland. But his plan backfires when Mary misreads the signals and gazes at him, dreamy eyed.

Finally, Brian reads Abi's attempt at a short story and realises she has simply lifted it from a TV series. He encourages her to use her imagination and have another go.


Determined that Chesney must not find out about the baby, Gemma announces she is going to live with her mum and that she is meeting her today. As she sits on the park bench waiting, Paul begs her to realise that there are plenty of people who love her and she doesn't have to leave. What will she do?

Later, Chesney pulls up alongside her in the car. What will he say?

Meanwhile, Mary tells Tracy she wants to divorce Norris so she can be with Jan. Jan tells Eileen he made up the dead fiancée story to put Mary off but it backfired. Moira breaks the news to a devastated Mary, who tells Jan she never wants to see him again.

Elsewhere, Nick warns David that Shona overheard them discussing some dodgy money and he needs to put her off the scent. Sarah clocks their furtive conversation.

Also, Toyah and Imran move into the builder's yard flat.

Finally, Sally finds Tim chucking all his sugary treats in the bin and he assures her that from now on he's going to embrace a healthy lifestyle, while Yasmeen's book club clashes with Geoff's plans for a romantic meal.


Chesney wants Gemma to stay on the Street.

Later, Chesney tells Rita and Paul that he tried to persuade Gemma that he wants to be part of the baby's life, but that she has disappeared off to the estate.

Meanwhile, Mary and Tracy are shocked to find the door of Number 3 open and Freda inside. Freda explains that Norris has asked her to sell the house, but Mary is angry that he has not contacted her. Freda gets out an ashes urn and puts a photo of Norris next to it.

Elsewhere, David reassures Shona and Sarah that neither he or Nick are up to anything dodgy.

Also, when Yasmeen suggests Sally should bring Tim to Speed Daal for a healthy meal, Sally is disparaging as she's convinced all curries are fattening. Yasmeen vows to prove her wrong.

Geoff is put out when Yasmeen scuppers his plan for a romantic meal with her own plan to have Sally and Tim round for a healthy curry. Sally cheers Tim up when she reveals that he might not be able to eat sugary snacks but plenty of sex is good for him.