Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Lolly Pushes Her Luck Too Far And Faces Kate's Wrath On Next Week's Coronation Street

Recent weeks have seen Lolly's introduction as Kate's old school friend, and recent episodes have seen her begin to push her luch as she tries to take over the wedding and next week's episodes sees Lolly's behaviour come to a head.

Monday's episode sees Lolly announce she's booked a male strip club for Kana's hen night, and they're understandably less than impressed with this and order Lolly to come up with something else.

Attempting to compromise, Lolly calls a meeting of the hens and instead suggests a drag queen for the hen do which Kate & Rana aren't keen on but agree to a small do at the bistro.

Unfortunately Wednesday's episodes sees the girls discover that Lolly has infact ignored their wishes and ordered a stripper for the hen do. Desperate to get away, Rana leads a blindfolded Kate into the empty factory and reveals the bespoke outfit she has made for her for the wedding. When Lolly sneers at where they have been Rana sends her packing.

Rana is later taken by surprise as Lolly is fun on the hen night as it moves to the Rovers, and soon overhears Kate laughing at how desperate to impress she is. Lolly confronts Kate and then storms into the ladies, but trouble brews when Rana follows after her in an attempt to smooth things over.

Friday's episode sees the fallout continue as Rana tells Kate she doesn't want Lolly attending the wedding, and Kate agrees to tell Lola face to face. However when they all meet at Speed Daal, Lolly accuses Rana of making a pass at her which Rana is furious with. As Lolly continues to accuse Rana of fancying her, a row erupts in Speed Daal. Lolly’s stunned when Kate announces she doesn’t believe a word. Lolly flirts with Craig, charming him into letting her inside Kate and Rana’s flat.

What exactly is Lolly's next move? Find out on Coronation Street next week.