Sunday, 13 January 2019

Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts To Release 'Black Diamonds' on 25th January

British Singer/songwriter Matt Mitchell (PRIDE/FURYON/COLOUR OF NOISE) has recently had the chance to embark on the journey of recording his long awaited debut solo record.

Matt started out singing and writing songs in his late teens learning his craft in several bands early on, he then found himself as the voice of AOR band PRIDE who released two albums in the mid 2000’s on EMI Toshiba/Pointmusic.

FURYON was Matt's next project. Formed out of the demise of PRIDE a heavier style evolved, with much love and praise from The likes of CLASSIC ROCK & METAL HAMMER magazines.

The band had a great run touring UK/Europe and performed at several major festivals including DOWNLOAD, BLOODSTOCK and Poland’s gigantic WOODSTOCK festival.

Not long after the release of the second album the band was put on ice so that the band members could spend more time song writing and considering their future.

At this point Matt joined LITTLE ANGELS guitarist Bruce John Dickinson forming the much lighter bluesy sounding COLOUR OF NOISE. A good two year run was had with the band. An album was released, followed by lots of touring and yet more major festival slots.

COLOUR OF NOISE were to leave things on a high in 2017 and with one door closing another soon opened in the shape of Matt's solo project with guest players - MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS.

‘BLACK DIAMONDS’ - The inspiration and thought behind the song

Matt says: The general theme is coming to terms with the inevitability of a fading relationship.

‘Black Diamonds’ itself is a metaphor for the loss of beauty/light/energy that occurs in the theoretical final stage of some stars’ life cycle (Black Dwarf).

At the writing and demoing time of Black Diamonds there were a lot of changes happening around me. Working, band relationships were changing and personal relations were changing also. Not only for me as one of the writer / performers but for many people around me it also seemed like there were big changes happening, and it became a big inspiration.

The song itself had been on quite a journey starting out with a different title being the main chorus hook line ‘I hope you find what you're looking for’ and having quite different chords, lyrics and arrangement. And again when The Coldhearts took it into pre production it changed yet again, becoming the song it is today.


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