Friday, 28 December 2018

Rana Has An Encounter With Kate's Ex-Girlfriend Imogen But Will This Lead To A Kana Reconciliation On Coronation Street

Christmas may almost be upon us, but in soap land it tis the season to be anything but jolly as havoc reigns supreme. Next week's Coronation Street episodes see Rana break up after Kate makes a catastrophic mistake, but all hope is not lost for our soulmateswhogonnasoulmate.

As has already been previously reported Imogen shall be returning to the street for a brief period of time. For those who may not remember, and because I really love this scene and everything about her, Imogen is Kate's ex-girlfriend who after Kate ended their relationship, confronted Rana in the street and proclaimed that Rana secretly had feelings for Kate.

Imogen will first appear just after Christmas when Toyah and Imran in an attempt to cheer Rana up, take her out to a gay club. Of course Rana would have to bump into Imogen, and when Rana reveals all on her break-up with Kate? That's Imogen's signal to fancy her chances.

Now we already know that this ISN'T going to be turning into another tedious love triangle, and Imogen/Kate 2.0 is NOT on the cards but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy Imogen's presence since Melissa Johns is a wonderful actress.

On New Years Eve, Kate shall be stepping behind the bar of the Rovers Return when Imogen arrives and kisses her on the cheek. Rana watches the two of them head off into town absolutely gutted, which prompts Imran and Toyah to urge her to go after Kate. Very much tipsy, Rana confesses to Kate that she does still love her and as Gemma leads the countdown to midnight, will Kana reunite?!