Thursday, 6 December 2018

Brian Kroll & My Son the Bum Release Festive Songs

Songwriter/guitarist producer Brian Kroll is releasing two alternative Christmas songs over this festive period, and explains how the songs came to fruition.

"When I was in California (Pacific Palisades near Malibu Beach, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Southern California...near Hollywood..etc) during eleventh grade, my friend's would give me a few beers, drive around and let me totally blaspheme the songs playing on the radio...

A few times, I asked. what are we doing? Their answer was, 'we're giving you beer and drive around with you blasting fun of the radio songs playing...that's funny! Ironically, that's exactly it came to me to write 'Goodbye Psychotic Christmas'....except I was alone in the car late at night, and stone cold sober! Pulling into the Adelphi University parking lot (here in New York), I was listening to a Gene Vincent tune called 'Important Words'....a soft rockabilly love song....I started singing out loud: 'Goodbye Psychotic Christmas, I don't need you anymore'....I wrote it in my college notebook.

Some years later, in August 2013, I was demoing songs with Mike Wuerth (the vocalist/producer on the tune)...One of these was 'Goodbye Psychotic Christmas'...It remained unfinished until November 2017 when a DJ from a New York College Radio Station asked me for a new Christmas song. As fate would have it, I was in the studio the next day...and 'Goodbye Psychotic Christmas' was finished in time for the holidays...I wanted an interesting animated lyric video for it, and it got done in the nick of time”.

"I had always wanted to write a tune for the people that dreaded the holiday season and lived in fear and apprehension awaiting it's arrival, replaying scenes of past seasons in their heads. The obligatory dinners, dual loyalties for some between their sanity, comfort zone and family/holiday etiquette expectations. After years
of hearing many peoples true insider holiday stories, I wanted to validate their feelings and write lyrics that resonated with their unsung human emotional pain. Of course, I had to do it in a way that was still humor, even if it was on the darker side of rainbows and unicorns....

One morning I woke up and went straight to the computer to type out the lyrics for 'Flight Deck (For Christmas)'. Then, I sent them to my producer straightaway as I had studio song sessions that day. When I went in, Mike Wuerth asked 'what are we doing today?'....'Flight Deck (For Christmas')....I replied. I told him to take the music/drum tracks from an unreleased and we'd add the new lyrics/vocals to it...' That's how FDFC was born…

“This is definitely not an anti-holiday song,” says Brian Kroll. “I am saying what a lot of people are thinking: There is too much drama with the holidays and it leaves some people wishing they could avoid it.” Lift the curtain: Behind the fa├žade, everyone knows there’s a sense of dread that increases as the holidays near. Well, some. For them, I wrote this tune”..

You'll be able to hear a first play of both songs on our Christmas show.