Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Æther Releases New Single 'Deep in Love'

The Æther releases latest track 'Deep in Love'

After the recent release of the highly anticipated debut album from Bath-based Producer and Multi Instrumentalist The Æther, he's back at it with a series of weekly single releases and a second album to follow, due for release in the New Year.

While the debut album 'The Æther' sounded like a soundtrack to a lost great David Lynch film, otherworldly, mysterious and full of light and shade, his latest release 'Deep in Love' is evidence that The Æther also takes influence from the likes of Niles Rogers. Taking a leaf from the Daft Punk playbook The Æther has relocated the signature Niles funk chord voicings to an Ibiza style digital landscape filled with retro analogue synthesisers and The Æther's trademark vocal floating above.

Speaking about the latest track, due for release November 16th, The Æther stated:

"During the summer heatwave I found myself experimenting with beautiful vintage Moog and Roland synths and just wrote the kinds of songs me and my friends wanted to hear during the sunny weather. I'm still unsure on how the songs will translate live as many of the songs are studio creations, I'll be on the guitar for sure though!"

You can find links to The Æther socials below: