Monday, 12 November 2018

Next Week On Coronation Street 12th - 16th November 2018


Abi struggles to master the computer at streetcars and Steve despairs as she is constantly rude to customers. Abi confides in Seb that she has discovered that the twins’ foster parents are taking them to Lapland for Christmas and she has come to the conclusion that they are better off without her in their lives. She cancels her visit with them and sits drinking vodka, with tears falling, watching them play in the foster parents’ garden.

Nick and Carla don’t see eye to eye over the future of the business.

Arriving with Rita, Maria and Ken, Claudia is winding Audrey up about how much she is looking forward to the awards that afternoon. Audrey is horrified when Claudia tells her she has nominated her for the lifetime achievement award. Audrey knocks back the wine dreading the afternoon.

Having signed the contract without even reading it Tracy and Steve are stunned when Amy points out certain clauses and threatens to divorce them if they don’t adhere to them. Tracy is furious realising Adam has stitched them up.

Finally, when the hospital calls Sinead with her next chemo appointment, Daniel answers her phone and Sinead is forced to agree to it.


Abi leaves a desperate message on Tracy’s phone, begging for help. Tracy’s shocked to find Abi lying unconscious on Victoria Street and quickly phones an ambulance. As Abi is loaded into an ambulance, Seb’s beside himself and tells Tracy how his Mum’s life has fallen apart since she was accused of sabotaging Michelle’s car. Tracy’s consumed with guilt.

Having agreed they won’t have any secrets Leanne brings Nick up to date on her love life since he left.

As a tipsy Audrey takes the stage to accept her award she makes an impassioned speech about Maria and how she is like a daughter to her and she wishes her every success for the future. Audrey confides in David that she resents Claudia for coming between her and Maria. Maria tells Emma she feels she has made a terrible mistake leaving the salon.

Adam tells Steve and Tracy that Amy’s contract is really just her way of letting them know how worried she is. Amy’s taken aback when Tracy presents her with a home cooked meal. When Tracy explains she’s merely executing the terms of the contract, Amy becomes upset and asserts that all she’s ever wanted is a normal family.


Tracy visits Abi in hospital and, unable to bear the guilt any longer, confesses that she was the one who sabotaged the car and stole the laptop. Abi throws her out of the hospital and having been discharged is told by the social worker that her contact with the twins is suspended because of her dugs relapse. When Abi says that she is going to put the twins up for adoption Seb sees red and lets himself into the florist and grabs a broom. Seb trashes the place but is stopped by Abi who has heard the commotion. Ken spots her and assumes she is responsible for the damage.

Peter is appalled when Leanne tells him that she and Nick are getting back together. Simon returns from a careers day to announce he wants to join the Navy, once more Peter and Leanne disagree over his plans.

Sinead goes for a homeopathic massage where she meets a young mum to be who talks to her about the fact she too has cancer but she has stopped having chemo in favour of homeopathy and a strict adapted diet. Sinead is keen to hear more.

Meanwhile Audrey is furious that a video of her drunken speech has gone viral. Maria pays Audrey a visit with a proposition. They agree they don’t trust Claudia and she wants to go into business with Audrey instead.


As the police arrive Seb runs into the back room and in a bid to protect Seb, Abi grabs cash from the till. They arrest Abi on suspicion of theft and criminal damage. Tracy tells Abi she won’t press charges but it is too late Abi is in court on Friday. At the pub Seb has a go at Tracy, saying she is the reason Abi is having to put the twins up for adoption.

Simon tells Leanne that he only needs his dad’s signature to join the Navy, Leanne asks Gary to speak to Simon but it only hardens his resolve. Nick comforts Leanne as she struggles with the prospect of Simon joining the Navy.

Sinead invites her new friend Steff for a brew and they talk about the alternatives to chemo. Sinead doesn’t mention anything to Daniel.

Meanwhile Maria breaks the news to Claudia that she’s pulling out of their salon deal and going into partnership with Audrey instead. Clearly put out, Claudia explains that she won’t be able to refund Rita’s investment as the money was spent in good faith.


Nick has a chat with Simon and persuades him to do his A Levels before thinking about joining the Navy. Elsa is in the corner shop and overhears Leanne buying a bottle of wine as they are celebrating. Intrigued she follows her out. Back at the flat Leanne and Nick revel in a night of passion, just as the buzzer goes.

Seb tells the social worker that he is considering applying to adopt the twins. She tells him that he will have no chance unless he cuts Abi out of his life completely. Seb is torn.

To stop Daniel going with her to her chemo session Sinead gets Stef to call pretending to be the nursing home saying Flora is upset. Daniel heads off and Sinead heads home.

Paula assures Sophie that things are looking up now they have found evidence of Duncan’s offshore bank account. Meanwhile Gina heads out on a date and is shocked to find her date Ian is in fact Duncan.

When Tracy throws a bunch of Carnations back at Steve who has brought them as suggested stock whilst she waits for a delivery, Amy reminds her that insults carry a £8 fine under the contract.


Leanne is shocked when Nick tells her that he hasn’t been entirely honest with her.

Abi is sent down for 16 weeks but is pleased when she meets up with an old mate in prison. Meanwhile Seb decides he wants to press ahead with applying to adopt the twins.

Sinead tells Daniel that her chemo was fine but she is going to adopt a vegan diet too to give her and the baby a better chance. Daniel says he will join her. Steff meanwhile tells Sinead to come clean about not having the chemo.

Over dinner, Gina reveals that she’s Sally’s sister and knows exactly who he is. Duncan’s unfazed and tells Gina how he and Sally had an affair and how Sally made him defraud the council. Elsewhere the coroner rules Ronan’s death was accidental. Robert says maybe now is time to try for a baby.