Monday, 12 November 2018

Legends of Tomorrow Dancing Queen Review: "Say Hello To Rage"

Ray is one of those characters that I prefer in small doses. He's fun enough, but too of him and things get real annoying real quick. The centric episode he had last year with the Darhks was not an overly enjoyable episode, and parts of this weeks episode felt like it was treading the same old ground but in the end it served a purpose as Maisie Richardson-Sellers returned to the show.

This week the legends traveled to London where some peculiar events were happening to send the timeline into a spin. Said peculiar events revolved around the Queen losing her mind and as a result the UK being thrown into anarchy and it was the Legends responsibility to work out just what magical crime was being committed, and fix the timeline.

Said investigation Constantine quickly deduced revolved around a band, with him believing the Irish member was a Leprechaun. With Ray having never broken a rule in his life, the team decided it was time for him to break that duct and try to get closer to the band to work out if Constantine was right or another one of them was responsible for messing things up. As is always the way with Ray, that didn't go so well. He is a completely incompetent liar, is more focused on the bands poor hygiene than picking up on anything magical, terrible at stealing a corgi and allows himself to be taken in by a member of the band who was actually a shapeshifter.

Ray always likes to believe the best in people. Even if you kidnap and leave him for dead, he'd probably think you still deserve another chance to learn your lesson. It's a slightly annoying, yet admirable quality, and considering the waverider is full of people who make snap judgements without taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, it is a quality that is needed on the show. After all if Zari hadn't gone wrong last week, Prudence's mother would've been burnt at the stake, the fairy Godmother attached to Prudence forever and irreconcilable damage done to the timeline.

With Ray getting to know the shapeshifter and seeing that they're not actually a bad person, and therefore not wishing to condemn them to hell when it's originally being banged up which has made them the way they are, he wants to help them and Constantine comes to the conclusion the shapeshifter as manipulated Ray and he's done for. We know Constantine doesn't really like anything that is magical (part of the territory of dealing with wicked creatures) so his first port of call is to just send them to the pits of hell and move onto the next gig. The legends are a little more torn and not exactly sure on the correct course of action, but they all agree that they need to step in and take the shapeshifter down because Ray won't. He's then understandably left annoyed that his team is soon on the scene because they don't trust him to make the right decision, and he takes to trying to help the shapeshifter.

That leads up to an interesting sequence where Ray is all suited up in his Atom gear and attacking his team, at which point I was screaming at the screen that Ray truly has been manipulated and once again done something extremely dumb as a result. Fortunately those thoughts were premeditated as it transpired the shapeshifter had actually shifted into Ray and put on the suit to attack. When Ray regained consciousness, he was quick to help his team and also bring about peace. He was still of the mindset that the shapeshifter could be saved, and said shifter decided to play with their emotions by shifting into each of them before falling onto Amaya.

She had earlier been referenced by Ray as the team's moral centre. She was the one that stopped everyone from going too far, the voice of reason amongst the chaos and a friendly ear of support. The team do obviously still care about her, which was evidenced by none of them being able to get rid of the shifter once they had settled onto Amaya's identity. At the end of last season we did of course lose Amaya as she was forced to return to her time period, but it was revealed at the same time that Maisie Richardson-Sellers would be staying on the show. We weren't sure how exactly that was going to work, and the show was understandably cagey on the details so that it could be a pleasant surprise.

Constantine takes away the shifters magical powers so that she is stuck looking like Amaya. The episode ends with the team not exactly sure what to do with her now, but one thing is for sure, she's not being let loose into the world anytime soon. It also seems as though the show is continuing to pave the way for Nate to exit.

He admitted to Sara at the end of the episode the reason he'd taken up the job at the Bureau is because being on the ship reminds him too much of Amaya. He keeps expecting to see her around the ship which obviously isn't very healthy for him, and a former shapeshifter on the ship who is stuck in his ex loves identity? That's obviously not going to have a great effect on Nate, which Sara immediately knew and realized and that's why she suggested Nate stay at the Bureau for now. Obviously at some point in the future he will probably come into contact with the former shifter, and that will probably be extremely emotional for him.

We also this week got a little more focus on Constantine. No we still don't know what exactly from his past is coming after him, but taking the opportunity whilst in England, he made a stop at Liverpool to see his parents. He revealed to Zari that his mother dies in childbirth and his father hates him for that, branding Constantine a killer, so Constantine wants to hand out a little justice by stopping his dad from being able to have kids. Obviously such an act would mean that Constantine isn't born, and as we know, you can't mess with the timeline so irrevocably. Instead Constantine has to settle for getting into a mini fight with his dad, and Zari handing him a somewhat sweet photo of Constantine with his mum at the bar.

Next week's episode sees the Legends hit a summer camp to track down a mysterious monster. Pretty safe to say I can't wait for that, and am hoping that episode gives us a heavy dose of Ava. So far this season she hasn't really been seen and whilst I do like to see Nate/Gary's blossoming bromance and the Legends time traveling hijinks? I need a little bit more of Ava.