Sunday, 18 November 2018

Joe Thompson Releases New Single 'Boys Don't Talk'


New UK indie-pop artist Joe Thompson has released his new single, the intelligent and moving Boys Don’t Talk. Produced by Ed Heaton (NARCS/ Daniel Pearson/Micky P Kerr/Fold), the new track explores the difficult and painful subject of mental health through the prism of the young West Yorkshire singer-songwriter’s fragile electropop.

“This song is my absolute baby,” explains Thompson. “As someone who’s been through the NHS Mental Health services for years as well as having two male friends who unfortunately committed suicide whilst growing up in my high school, I feel incredibly strongly about mental health - and men’s mental health in particular. When it comes to men, we’re taught to suppress everything, yet nothing helps more than being vulnerable and talking about it. I’ve seen so many people bury things and have them burst out as violence or reckless behaviour, yet the first step is just getting our feelings out there. This is the first song I’ve released that’s been a work in progress for a long time, and it’s evolved a lot as a concept to get to this final piece.”

Joe Thompson blends the upbeat, joyous energy of synth-pop choruses with emotionally charged lyrics, tackling all topics from Post-Brexit Britain to mental health. Avoiding the clichés and easy avenues of laddish indie-rock and mainstream pop, Thompson takes a defiantly personal approach to his songwriting with the aim of creating an authentic connection with his young and growing audience.

Find Joe Thompson on Twitter at @joe_th0mpson, on Instagram at and Facebook at now.