Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Joe Antaine to Release Debut Single 'Don't Shut Me Out' on 14th December

Joe Antaine grew up in Belfast at the back end of the infamous 'Troubles', living in his grandmother's house along with his mum, two uncles and two aunts, in the loudest yet the most loving family environment a kid could have hoped for.

Music was inescapable in a household immersed in popular music from the 50's right up to Brit Pop. Joe started his career playing 'air' piano on the sofa (or is that sofa piano?) to Elton John and Queen records, and singing in school and church choirs. Joe’s moment of musical Zen came when his uncle put on a Billy Joel record. “Here was a man who looked like an average guy like the people I knew. Yet he wrote these amazing songs that stood on their own, without the need for a supporting spectacle”.

Aged 11 Joe switched over to real piano which he’s been playing ever since. Unable to see himself in a duck costume like Elton John or hurling beers at photographers like Liam Gallagher, Joe evolved into a piano man, eventually singing for his supper, telling stories captured in snapshots called songs.

Joe grew up with a severe stammer and is still a little cautious when speaking in public, but on stage behind a piano he says all he needs to say. “We aren't always happy, we aren't always sad, we aren't always breaking up or falling in love. Every day we grow and change, hopefully for the better”.

Joe Antaine is based in Glasgow and tours the clubs. His debut single Don’t Shut Me Out is released on The Animal Farm on December 14th.