Monday, 26 November 2018

DeeVer Release New Single 'Only Enemy' From New Album Out In February

‘Only Enemy is a very honest and brutal commentary on a subject that I think the modern generation has been plagued by and a lot of us can relate to. The diminished sense of self-worth, created by the need for validation through social media and the internet. I’ve been there, I’ve done it. I’ve measured my worth on the amount of likes or comments I’ve got and I’ve compared my worst to everyone else’s ‘best’ (which, let’s face it – is usually the only thing people share online). It’s a very dangerous thing. The opening lyric “Filter the truth, design a you and hope you satisfy them all. Notification generation now, we’re unbelievable” leaves no question about the subject of the song. I think social media and the internet can be a wonderful thing, but there is that dark side to it which a lot of us can forget and this song is a reminder to myself and others, not to let it pull you in! – Billy Taylor (frontman)

For those unfamiliar North East rockers Deever officially launched in 2017 with their debut single and music video “Fire at Will”.

They released their second single ‘All Come Running’ shortly after and received regular national airplay with their latest track “Alright”.

All three singles are available on all digital platforms.

Deever were voted ‘Best New Band’ in 2017 by and were tipped as Planet Rock’s ‘Ones to Watch’.

With a modern rock vibe that blends the band’s hard-rock, punk and metal influences, Deever are a band packed full of aggressive guitars and hooks which are armored with a very distinct British edge.

All four members are from the North East of England and were brought together by ex-Inglorious guitarist Billy Taylor.

For fans of: Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Royal Blood, Muse.