Monday, 15 October 2018

Robert Copeland Releases Debut Album "No Distance"

Robert Copeland announced his debut album “No Distance” bringing about an exclusive collection of healing and soulful music. The catchy album is the latest to release from under the label of Enon Music Group (EMG), a musical maestro production group having deep roots in the industry. The Album “No Distance” has been released on major online media platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon MP3.

Hailing from Ozark, AL, Robert was a child prodigy ever since he began singing in a church from the tender age of 5. Through his early childhood, Robert Copeland would get noticed for his sensational singing talent at various church events. Eventually, through years of practice and dedication towards his craft, Robert Copeland has delivered a soulful song that would strike the right chords.

Following the footsteps of his idol Pastor John P. Kee, whom he met in Charlotte, NC in 2001, Copeland developed and nurtured the gift of excellent musicianship combined with entertaining showmanship. Through the years of practice at church and local events, he had perfected his path to the musical career which encouraged him to produce captivating, high-energy performances that would transport the audiences back in time through his blends of musicianship, creativity, and tradition.
In 2007, Robert Copeland became a published songwriter under BMI, writing and arranging maverick songs on the album of artist James Davis’, “Seasons of Praise.” Copeland also has to his name, musical credits “I Got It”, a viral video of the Soul Seeker’s upbeat song and a feature on the song “Thy Will” from Pastor Kee’s VIP Conference project in 2008, and “Finally” from Pastor John P. Kee presents “The Legacy Project” in 2011.

Audience members have described Robert Copeland’s music as upbeat with catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing along, filling the crowd with high energy, with a feel-good vibe that eventually lets people cherish the present, and immerse themselves in lots of good-natured fun.

Over the past decade, Robert Copeland has also performed at many events, converging more and more focus on his own music ministry, he has been invited regularly to perform at neighborhood shows, local festivals and church events. Ever-evolving Copeland, peppers in several original compositions that sound like music straight from heaven itself, "No Distance” featuring Zacardi Cortez, has been the fruit of such successful endeavors.