Saturday, 27 October 2018

Neon Saturdays Release New Single 'Gravity'

Up-and-coming Latvian four-piece Neon Saturdays strike once again this Autumn by releasing their third single. The song titled “Gravity” was produced in UK along with the rest of the band’s second album, Freaks In The Ocean, and speaks about pitfalls of fanatical ambitiousness and idealism.

Vocalist, Andris Evelis.explains the concept behind Gravity.

“Gravity should encourage people to take a good look at the dynamics of their own life – daily rhythms, patterns of behaviour and numerous habits that slowly take us where they do,”

“This song tells the story of an ambitious person who is having a hard time accepting that the real world has limitations that can’t be suspended. A lot of effort is put in to try and break free of this down-force. The song ends with the protagonist reaching a deeper understanding that love and peace is what we as human beings truly need,

Most of us aim to achieve these things by striving for material gains, overdoing and over delivering with hopes that somebody will notice and acknowledge that we are special.".

Sonically, Gravity will probably remind you of those old, weird, lesser-known sci-fi movies with deep and obscure storylines.

The music video takes a twisted turn showing the band as unhinged, malevolent and almost non-human beings that are trapped in their reality, upside-down.

It was shot in a specially modified location and will definitely be one of the most interesting and unnerving things you’ll see this Autumn.

Check out the video for Gravity right now!