Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Machine Age Link with Slumberjack to Go Global with Thunderous Electro-Rock Anthem, “Daggers”

Bringing together two of Australia’s biggest musical talents, Daggers is an extraordinary fusion of cutting-edge electronic beats with urgent crunching drops and jagged gnarled guitars. EDM production titans Slumberjack are already huge successes in their home country of Australia but this union with one-man rock/IDM phenomenon Machine Age sees them take on the rest of the planet with a sound that is both vast and intricate – industrial, cinematic and gloriously addictive, Daggers is one of the best tracks you’ll hear all year.

Slumberjack have established themselves as one of Australia’s most vital outfits for years, commanding over 10 million online streams and receiving both support and rave reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone magazine and Triple J radio. Comprising Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers, Slumberjack are equal parts drifting cosmic ambient and addictive clubby beats and drops. Machine Age is Adrian Mauro, a one-man collage of electric face-melting guitar and Roland-synth sorcery who brings a grittier edge to the project, the pairing of the two combining to produce an astonishing track which has genuine cross-genre appeal.

Daggers grows from a timid, almost tribal intro into a sprawling hulk of a track with seemingly endless layers of sound building to thumping drops which echo acts from Nine Inch Nails to Imagine Dragons. The start of something unique and urgent, this is the track that brings Slumberjack and Machine Age to a global audience and one which will live long in the memory.

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