Saturday, 8 September 2018

Wynonna Earp Waiting Forever For You Review: "Story Time"

Honestly? This week's episode might just be the first in a while that I didn't completely dig. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly was wrong with it, but it just wasn't as good and exciting as previous outings.

From the synopsis you got the impression that date night in Purgatory was going to take up the bulk of the screen time. Not so. Instead the bulk of screen time was spent on Kate and her relationship with Doc, and ties to Bulshar.

Doc has a lot of regrets over allowing Kate to turn him into a vampire. He turned to her after being rejected by Wynonna and because he wanted his immortality back, whilst Kate's wanted to be free of her affliction ever since she arrived into town, and get her husband back in the process. Whilst Doc may be a vampire, he is still not hers, doesn't want to be hers, and hates being a vampire because its caused Wynonna to turn on him. This has left Doc a very hungry vampire who refuses Kate's offer of food and instead snacks on Jeremy's new boyfriend, before realizing who he is.

Jeremy really isn't happy with this + discovering Doc's a vampire, so naturally he interrupts Wynonna's date with hunky fireman to get her to do something. Whilst said hunky fireman traps Doc so he can't intervene, Wynonna pays a visit to Kate who has been expecting her. Wynonna wrongly believes if she kills Kate, it'll make Doc mortal again. Kate on the other hand fancies a bit of storytime and telling Wynonna just how exactly she and Doc came to know each other.

She was reading cards back in the day, fate brought them together and then tore them apart with them both going in different directions life wise. Doc was of course friendly with Wyatt Earp which Kate was not and instead wanted to skip town, which Doc did not want to do. It all culminated in Kate making a deal with Clootie to get revenge on Doc and that didn't end at all well for him or Kate. By the end of story time it's revealed that it was Bulshar's cards that Kate didn't want to read, and he resurrects Clootie to steal them for him.

He's of course successful in doing that and once again stays ahead of the gang. All of this though does enable Kate & Wynonna to reach an understanding and Wynonna to mercy kill Clootie.

Said dinner date revolved around Jeremy and his new boyfriend joining Waverly and Nicole for dinner. New boyfriend was feeling the effects of being bitten plus glamoured, and for some strange reason LICKED A POTATO. I don't know, maybe he's just a big fan of them. His behaviour throughout the night was quite strange, which Waverly immediately picked up on and Jeremy eventually spilled all to her and Nicole. Bulshar's ring then once again popped up and of course as Nicole grabbed it, she was on one knee and Waverly thought she was proposing.

I'm really not a fan of fake-out's like this. It feels extremely disrespectful to the fans and massively played for laughs, both of which I don't dig. Marriage isn't something that either Waverly or Nicole have talked about on screen. Sure we know they love each other but that doesn't mean you're ready to spend the rest of your lives together, especially when Nicole does have an ex. Also don't understand how Waverly didn't immediately recognize the ring as being Bulshar's, and why Jeremy joined Waverly in being excited when it was blatantly obvious Nicole was not proposing. Thankfully they did manage to get past this issue pretty fast, and during a confrontation with Clootie in the barn, Waverly put the ring on and it was a perfect fit.

It was then finally revealed that Bulshar has been in Purgatory looking for THE garden and he has now found it. That's a very bad thing. As is the ring now having a fresh inscription on it and Waverly not being about to get it off. Wynonna and Doc were able to call a truce at the end of the episode, just as Bulshar paid them a surprise visit.

We only have 4 episodes of this season left. Clearly things are stepping up a gear and that is fun, but this episode just didn't quite click. Maybe it's because Kate and Doc haven't had enough screen time together for me to be invested in their relationship and back story. Maybe it's because I prefer the scooby-gang all working together instead of in 2 separate storylines that join together. Maybe I would've liked more of an explanation for why Jeremy's boyfriend licked the potato. Maybe I would've liked the proposal to be an actual proposal instead of fake-out.

Every show is entitled to an off week and Wynonna Earp is by no means an exception to that. You can watch the show Friday's at 9 on Syfy.