Saturday, 1 September 2018

Wynonna Earp I Fall To Pieces Review: "Fun Times and Hard Times"

Are Wynonna Earp and Nicole Haught your favourite TV duo? Because Wynonna Earp and Nicole Haught should be your favourite TV duo.

They're two extremely head strong people, bound together by their love for Waverly. It'll be a cold day in Purgatory for them to ever admit to each other's faces that they respect each other and that's what makes episodes like this so fun. They're such polar opposite characters, who annoy the hell out of each other, and that's what makes episodes like this so fun.

Tonight began with Wynonna enjoying a lil fireman action much to Nicole's chagrin. With Nedley having made the decision to step down as Sheriff, it means that someone aka Nicole has to step up to the plate and get approval to be Sheriff. That's a lot easier said than done when Nedley's giving them the key to the Purgatory supernatural case file castle and amidst their arguing, they end up breaking a good luck mirror.

Nicole has to win over an extremely bigoted and racist council woman Bunny Loblaw. As soon as she steps foot into Nicole's house and lays eyes on the photo of her and Waverly, her mind is made up. Whilst Nicole is chasing her beloved kitty away due to Bunny's allergies, Wynonna is soon arriving onto the scene much to Nicole's disapproval and Bunny is soon offering her the job of Sheriff. She claims Wynonna is a good fit since she's been in Purgatory her whole life and is part of a founding family unlike our beloved Officer Haught. Wynonna of course doesn't want the job, but that's not going to stop her proclaiming that she'll take it up just to get a rise out of Nicole. It certainly does the trick as Nicole is soon taking Wynonna aside for a discussion on why she'd be absolutely terrible for the job, and their discussion preoccupies them enough for a mountain man to scare the crap out of Bunny and cause her to faint.

Nicole thinks she's passed out due to cat allergies, so hilarity ensues as Nicole tries to save Bunny's life by giving her an injection, she's revived and Nicole decides to take her to the hospital in her police car. Unfortunately whilst she and Wynonna are once again arguing, the car and Bunny are hijacked by two teens who fancy a joyride. At command central Waverly and Jeremy are on hand to inform Nicole & Wynonna that the car has been taken off to a bar full of bikers, who are revenants. Their attempts to sneak into the bar and play hero don't go very well as they're of course caught in the act, and Wynonna challenges the revs to a drink off - if the revs win they get to kill them. Nicole isn't too thrilled with this place and Wynonna knows she's gone and messed up, which is of course another day that ends in y.

The drink-off is going very well with Nicole and the revs getting tipsy whilst Wynonna is managing herself a little too well for said revs liking. It doesn't take them long to realize that Wynonna has been cheating, with skills she admits she picked up from Coyote Ugly (not gonna lie Wynonna's got good taste in films). Understandably the revs weren't too pleased with this spot of cheating, and Wynonna & Nicole were forced to flee the bar handcuffed to each other. Kudos to Nicole for telling Wynonna to stop quipping and run, because I'm seriously surprised she manages to kill as many revs as she does given the amount of quips she fits in pre-kill.

The two of them find themselves in the forest and are forced to use a bit of team work to try and out fight the revs. Unfortunately being handcuffed together has its downsides, and they are eventually out forced and saved from death by a mountain man. It seems Wynonna isn't the only chipper person in Purgatory, as the rev can't resist making his own quip about this story not having a happy ending. Whilst Wynonna and Nicole are thankful to still be alive, they are soon running away from said mountain man who wants a wife.

That running takes them to the Sheriff's office, where Waverly and Jeremy have deduced that their bag luck is courtesy of breaking a magical mirror during their fight. Whilst the two may have fixed the mirror, it isn't changing Wynonna and Nicole's bad luck as the mountain man is soon following them to the office proclaiming they owe him a wife. Waverly and Jeremy both try to stand up to him which doesn't work out so great, and Nicole & Wynonna take it in turns to point out why they'd make horrible wives, but each of them would be a great match for him. Again the dialogue is on fine form here as Nicole points out she's a lesbian, whilst Wynonna thinks she must be great in bed judging by the noises she hears due to the homesteads extremely thin walls.

Waverly soon realizes the wife that mountain man is referring to is his gnome wife who was broken during the earlier struggle. Wynonna and Nicole keep the mountain man distracted with their back and forth, which soon turns into the mountain man strangling them both as Waverly and Jeremy argue over which one of them has to sellotape the boobs onto the gnome, as you do in a moment of crisis. Fortunately they are able to put her back together and present her to mountain man who is then on his merry mountain way.

That drama out of the way, Bunny pays a visit to the station where she informs Wynonna she will indeed be putting her forward as Sheriff. That's not something Wynonna is willing to be, and she well and truly puts the scares on Bunny. Like any other council busybody, she wants answers to what's really going on in Purgatory but not really. She'd rather put the mountain man down to her feeling ill because of Nicole's cat, rather than acknowledging he was actually a mountain man of supernatural worth. Thankfully Wynonna has no problem in telling her just that, and warning Bunny if she doesn't support Nicole, then she'll be bringing more monsters in the night to her door. Bunny attempts to call Wynonna's bluff but that doesn't work very well and she's soon on her way, with Nicole having witnessed the exchange.

Both Nicole and Wynonna admit that they are alright, with Nicole also admitting she can't help feeling jealous of Wynonna. In all of this Wynonna also hands Nicole a photo which reveals that Nedley is the one who saved her as a child. This gives us a sweet scene between Nedley and Nicole as he admits he has always watched over her, and disapproved of her parents letting a child go off to the music festival. Nedley knows Nicole will make an excellent Sheriff because she is such a great person and he will always be around to give her advice and support. Nedley is a gold star person who needs to be protected at all costs. He is always so supportive and accepting of situations, and he's had a good relationship with Nicole ever since the show began and she started to gain a bit of prominence. Stepping down as Sheriff is sad, but I hope that doesn't mean he himself is going anywhere because the show needs a character like him who has been and seen it all to balance things out.

Away from the Wynonna/Nicole team-up another character said goodbye albeit hopefully not a permanent exit. Some fans had been wondering since Mama Earp's introduction (yes I am always referring to her as that) whether we'd get anything on Willa. Sure season 1 seems like such a long time now when you consider how far the show has come, but Willa was still an Earp and her death should still be hanging like a shadow over our characters. Whilst we don't see that so much with Waverly and Wynonna, we did see a bit of that with Mama Earp this week as she made Doc take her to Willa's grave. She expressed her condolences to her dead daughter for the fact she is now dead, and not being able to prevent that. Doc and Mama Earp are characters who are never going to see eye to eye. Mama Earp will always be distrusting of him and his agenda towards Wynonna regardless of being the father of her child. Doc will always look at Mama Earp somewhat skeptical of her and her motives and wanting to get her out of the picture.

As we saw at the end of last week's episode, Bobo proclaimed to know where Waverly's father Julian was and offered that information up if he was let out of the well. Doc isn't pleased at all when Mama Earp admits she let him out of the well, proclaiming that Bobo is a monster who can't be trusted. Mama Earp correctly points out they're living in a time of Bulshar hanging over their heads and sometimes? You need a monster to take down another monster. But the biggest thing to take from all of this is that Mama Earp has decided to leave Purgatory to go and find Julian, and ropes Doc into helping her. Despite their earlier hostile interactions Wynonna and Waverly have been willing to give Mama Earp another chance, now that they know the truth about her and why she's been away. Mama Earp knows Doc hasn't exactly liked that and that he'd be the one person who'd want her to leave town. He also knows Wynonna and Waverly are going to be extremely unhappy with this, and being abandoned by their mother again which he tries to call her out over. However being the all knowledgeable woman she is, Mama Earp is more than aware Doc is now a vampire and she's not gonna let a vampire preach at her.

Wynonna returns home to find Waverly in tears over Mama Earp leaving to go and find Julian, and once again I hope this isn't the last we see of her. Doc eventually makes his way to the homestead, where Wynonna reveals Mama Earp left a note for her warning her not to trust Doc. He's not very happy with that and tries to brush it off, but Wynonna's a smart cookie. She knows Doc's hiding something from her and eventually Doc reveals his vampire self to her. Wynonna is devastated by this and the fact Doc gave himself to Kate. He tries to play the cheap shot that Wynonna rejected him which she greets with a well deserved slap and calls Doc out on his selfishness and the fact that his immortality means more to him than anything else. It's an extremely sad and emotional fight between the two characters which is wonderfully played my Melanie and Tim. Eventually Wynonna does turn her back on Doc and tell him that he's not welcome anymore, which leaves them both somewhat devastated.

'I Fall To Pieces' was for the most of it an extremely fun episode, with the last 5 minutes completely shattering my heart which is what this show does best. Next week's episode looks to be yet another fun ride and you can watch it next Friday on Syfy and Space.