Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Sophie Is Left With A Difficult Decision To Make Whilst Ryan Faces The Consequences Of His Actions On Next Week's Coronation Street

With Sally currently languishing behind bars, tonight's Coronation Street saw Tim head off to Bradford to do some digging on Duncan whilst Gina paid Sally a visit in prison and attempted to defend Tim.

The drama unfortunately doesn't stop there for Sophie, as next week finds her dragged further into Ryan and Ali's problems after Cormac dies.

Next Monday's episode sees Ryan ask Sophie to lie for him, as he sticks to his story that he left the flat and came back to find Cormac dead. He tells Sophie he panicked and didn't call an ambulance, and asks her to back up his version of events.

Sophie's left with a massive decision to make as the police call at Speed Daal to ask her about Cormac's death; will she back Ryan's version of events? Ronan meanwhile comes to thank Ryan, Ali and Michelle for all they did for Cormac which leaves them squirming.

Wednesday's episode sees Ryan's pleas fall on deaf ears as Robert shows him and Michelle a report about the drug dealer that supplied Cormac being found dead. Whilst Ryan blames himself for both deaths, Paula insists that Sophie must go and tell the truth.

In fear of Ronan, Ryan reveals he's going to do a runner and suggests that Ali do the same. He however refuses and when the police arrive and find a bag of pills in Ryan's coat pocket, his plans are thwarted and he's arrested.

Friday's episode sees Weatherfield's only resident lawyer spring to the case once again as Imran represents Ryan in his police interview. Ryan admits the truth about how he delayed calling the ambulance, and the police warn if the pills found in his pocket match those that killed Cormac, he's in serious trouble. That's not Ryan's only issue though as Ronan menacingly tells Michelle he'll be waiting for Ryan when he gets out.

When Ryan discovers Ronan's been looking for him, he deliberately smashes up the police waiting room and kicks an officer to ensure he's locked up again.

With Ronan showing no sign of leaving quietly, will Ryan be able to get himself out of this mess?