Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Sophie Is Left Feeling Bad on Next Week's Coronation Street

Rana might be on a cruise causing another small Kana drought, but Coronation Street is continuing to supply quality content.

This week's episodes see the beginning of the long speculated storyline between Sophie and Sally's lawyer Paula, with a slight speed-bump in the road coming in the form of Sally attempting to set Kevin up with Paula. Whilst Sophie is left shocked by Paula agreeing to the date, Paula assures her that she's merely doing it to keep Sally off her scent.

(Picture: ITV)

Next week's episodes see Kevin offer to take Gina to the match, when Sally steps in and reveals she's arranged him a date with Paula meaning Gina will have to go to the match with Tim instead. We've seen on screen recently a hint of Gina's feelings for Tim being a bit more than friendly, so it's no surprise that she's more than happy with the outcome.

(Picture: ITV)

However when Kevin does meet with Paula at Speed Daal, she makes it clear she's only looking for friendship (yay! no love triangle 2.0). Whilst Kevin is disappointed by the outcome, Sophie is also left feeling awful knowing she's the reason why.