Monday, 10 September 2018

PIQUED JACKS NEW SINGLE 'Loner vs Lover' Out 21st September 2018

"I remember Piqued Jacks last track and I like this even more. It really took me by surprise a couple of mins in where it breaks down and that spoken vocal kicks in, that just sounds awesome! The harmonies after that are amazing too and the fact it ends so different to how it starts. I love a track that gives me something unexpected and this certainly delivers on that”. Chris Straw, Bauer Radio Producer.

The Piqued Jacks are a band of brothers who grew up together in the countryside of Buggiano, near Florence, Italy.

With tenacity, riveting concerts, and a unique style of alt/funk-rock music, they made their way to Rome, Milan, London, Glasgow, Austin, and Los Angeles. On one of their early days, they broke and bent an audio jack; the double meaning of its upward angle was easy to see for the four young boys. “Piqued” means “interested”, but also stands for direct, spontaneous, visceral.

Their previous single and video “Wildly Shine” (Spring 2018), premiered on The Big Takeover Magazine, and was pre-produced by Michael Beinhorn (RCHP, Soundgarden).

The new album (Summer 2018 release) was produced by Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns) in an 18th c. country home, transformed for the occasion into a recording studio/communal living space, completely immersed in their sounds, surrounded
by nature and chemistry of human creativity.

Formed in 2006, E-King (vocals, keys), Penguinsane (guitar), littleladle (bass) and ThEd0g (drums) want to be the next Chili Peppers, today their influences include Biffy Clyro, The Killers, Nothing But Thieves, and Incubus. In 2010 and 2011, they release their first two EPs “Momo the Monkey” and “Brotherhoods”, then in 2012, producer Brian Lanese invites them to Los Angeles to work on their third one. “Just a Machine” is released in January 2013 (“The quality of the material outweighs any flaws” - The Big Takeover).

In March 2013 they return to the U.S., to Austin for their first time at SXSW. Between 2014 and 2015 they would play 17 more shows during the festival; before that, a five-month tour all around Texas (50 gigs).

In March 2014, people in Austin are talking about “the Italians”, and Matt Noveskey (Blue October) welcomes them to the studio to record the singles “Upturned Perspectives/No Bazooka”. Out in May, the singles earn a spot on the homepage of CMJ Network.

They publish their first LP “Climb Like Ivy Does” in 2015 (“A sound that is missing from the mainstream” - Stencil Mag). Then, back to the U.S. for another tour: 3 months, 1 van, 12 states, and 45 concerts, all while their video, “Romantic Soldier,” airs on MTV.

They return to Italy for the Summer festivals,and to open for Interpol. But their fans demand an acoustic version of “C.L.I.D”, so “Aerial Roots” is born in 2016, and is voted “The Record of the day” on Rockit.

In May the band wins “ Best Arezzo Wave Band - Tuscany”, but the victory turns bittersweet when ThEd0g leaves the band. Damiano Beritelli takes over from the mainstage of the Arezzo Wave Festival through a mini-tour of the UK (13 dates, 6 cities). In 2017 the band regains their strength: Holy Hargot settles in as the new drummer, the creative process resumes, and they are invited to represent Italy at the Global 12 Festival in London.

The Piqued Jacks have won such accolades as “Best Live Band” at the Marea, MusicaW, and Global 12 Festivals, and “The Freshmen” award on mtvU. They performed as guest acts for Atoms for Peace, Teatro degli Orrori, Dubioza Kolektiv, and they played the stages of Rock In Roma, Whisky a Go Go, Hard Rock Cafè London, and Sofar Sounds, while their music aired on college radio stations all over the U.S., and on media channels such as Radio Rai 1, Rai 2, Repubblica, Rockol, and Balcony TV.

Welcome inside the head of the Piqued Jacks.

An anomalous and schizophrenic song, where the dance hit and the stream of consciousness live together, where the most contagious funky vibe and the most heart breaking arpeggio coexist, where the syncopated rock drifts to a dark and tranquil
atmosphere of a midnight run.

A guy stands locked up in a room haunted by his own thoughts; he sings and shakes to drive out his flaws and incsecurities, until he knocks down the walls: his inner conflict unravels, and calm surrounds him. He can now give voice to his qualities.

Synthesizers playing like voices creeping in, a split yet infectious rhytm, flashes of dance punk. Then the Loner makes room for the Lover, letting the crossover between genres begin; a laid back groove meets post-hardcore sounds, a spoken-word confession turns into a desperate scream.

If the common thread is the question “What is up with me?”, the answer is the message of the lyrics: remember to yourself what you have to offer, because there’s no Loner without Lover, no hearts without spades. Whatcha gonna do about it?

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