Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Next Week On Coronation Street 10th - 14th September

Monday 10th September JIM HAS A SHOCK IN STORE FOR LIZ

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Over lunch Jim admits the real reason for his return, he has some life changing news. The girl at the next table, Hannah, is their daughter who they once knew as Katie. Liz is shocked to the core.

Carla dupes Peter and Toyah into meeting for lunch at the Bistro. Toyah admits to Peter that she still loves him and wants to try again, how will Peter respond?

Billy visits Josh and breaks the news he won’t be visiting in future. Josh is beside himself and begs Billy to help him pray.

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Ryan’s thrilled when he receives a £5k cheque from his DJing in Ibiza and bets Ali he can double it in a month. As Dev and David try to outdo each other pumping money into the kids football game, Maria points out Liam is doing well through skill alone. Tracy decides to stage a stunt for Abi so she can be nominated for a Good Samaritan Award and in turn impress social services.


Explaining the hospital made a mistake, Jim shows Liz a DNA test which confirms Hannah is their daughter and there was a mix up at birth. Handing Liz a photo of Hannah, Jim urges her to get in touch. Visibly shaken Liz stares at the photo and breaks down. Meanwhile seeing Steve is stressed by Jim’s return, Tracy books them a few days away.

After her lunch with Peter, an upset Toyah calls at the solicitors’ office looking for Leanne. However it’s Imran she finds and after a few comforting words and a bottle of wine she finds herself kissing him passionately!

After a spending and gambling spree Ryan reveals he’s skint already. However when he tells Ali that years ago he invested £50 in a crypto-currency called Whip-coin, he’s gobsmacked when an internet search reveals it’s now worth £250k!

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Taking Billy’s hand, Josh thanks him for showing him how to pray and become a better person. Billy’s wracked with guilt.

Wednesday 12th September

With Eileen for support Liz meets Jim and Hannah for lunch. Liz is overcome with emotion, telling Hannah she’s waited all her life for this day. They hug and agree to meet again.

Ryan’s frustrated when he can’t remember his password to his Whip-coin account so can’t access his money. Remembering he wrote it down in a Gazza book the search commences.

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After doing some digging Roy believes he’s tracked down his grandmother Evelyn’s address. Knocking on the door hoping for some answers, a nervous Tyrone is met by a formidable woman in her seventies.

As David hosts an online football final at his house for the kids, Maria’s upset to hear David’s been slagging her behind her back and vows revenge. When Imran’s faced with Leanne and Toyah in the cafe, Adam clocks his discomfort.

Wednesday 12th September TYRONE GETS SOME ANSWERS

Evelyn at first refuses to entertain the idea that Tyrone might be her grandson, but when he and Fiz find holes in her story Evelyn reluctantly opens. Making out he’s outstayed his welcome Evelyn tells him to go. Tyrone vows to make Evelyn face up to the fact she’s his grandmother whether she likes it or not.

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Liz confides in Michelle that her world has been turned upside down by Hannah’s arrival and asks how she coped when she found out Ali was her son.

Ryan and Ali go on a wild goose chase looking for his copy of ‘Gazza - My Story’ with Ryan agreeing to give Ali half the money if they find the book.

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Adam’s amused to hear Imran is bedding both Leanne and Toyah, warning him it’s a recipe for disaster. David and Dev are gutted when Liam wins the football final. Brian’s puzzled when Hope and Ruby lock him out of the house (he’s childminding) and suggest he comes down the chimney!


Overcome with emotion Liz presents Hannah with a necklace before heading to Katie’s grave where she breaks down. Jim breaks the news to Steve that his sister is alive, called Hannah and has his condition myotonic dystrophy. Having met Hannah, Steve and Tracy scour the internet for more information about her. Summoning Liz and Jim to the flat they reveal Hannah isn’t who she says she is!

Leanne admits to Toyah she’s seeing someone from work, but chickening out of the truth implies it’s Adam. Telling Imran she wants a ‘no strings’ relationship she sets about seducing him at the office. Imran’s happy to oblige.

When Kevin offers to take Gina to the match Sally steps in and tells Kevin she’s arranged him a date with Paula and Gina will have to go to the match with Tim instead. Gina’s more than happy with the outcome!

A housing officer calls at Tyrone’s, after finding his address on a scrap of paper at Evelyn’s house, and reveals Evelyn is being evicted and has nowhere to stay. Tyrone asks her to consider moving in but Evelyn’s scathing.

Ryan and Ali continue their search for ‘Gazza - My Story’.

Friday 14th September

Steve is unconvinced and suggests he wants to do a DNA test himself. Jim asks a lawyer to meet with the family who confirms they’re looking at a big compensation payout.

Evelyn makes it clear to Tyrone that she and her dog Cerberus won’t be staying. But after attempting to rip off Dev in the shop, Tyrone finds his Gran in the pub. Is she making herself at home on the street after all?

When Toyah lets slip to Adam that she knows about Leanne’s office romance and she has her blessing, he’s taken aback by her apparent liberal outlook and tells Imran Toyah’s cool with him seeing Leanne too. Imran can’t believe his luck!

Ryan has a lightbulb moment and remembers his Whip-coin password, he excitedly logs on only to discover his investment has decreased significantly and he still has to pay off Ali.

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Kevin meets Paula at Speed Daal but she makes it clear she’s only looking for friendship. Kevin’s disappointed and Sophie feels awful.