Friday, 14 September 2018

JODI PHILLIS NEW ALBUM "Becoming" Out 19th October 2018

After leaving her mark on the Australian cultural landscape with The Clouds, Jodi Phillis has returned to her default mode of acoustic singer songwriter, mining the deep seem of neo-romantic folk pop.

Successfully crowdfunded and produced by Tim Oxley, Jodi’s new body of work is an acoustic, intimate account of grief and it’s fallout. Real life is flipped inside out, shaken up and transformed into vintage filtered songs that celebrate life and the quest to find meaning in a broken world. ‘Becoming’ will evoke cherished memories, childhood day dreams, and visions of a longed for utopia, while urging the listener to follow their bliss.

Jodi will perform songs from her new album ‘Becoming’ as well as a selection of songs from earlier solo albums and a few favourites from her other musical incarnations. Real, raw, vulnerable and life affirming are a few words to describe what you will experience from Jodi’s performance. Come along and let your heart sing with Jodi on this most intimate occasion.

01 Visions Of You
02 Mamma Told Me A Secret
03 Badlands
04 Endless Blue
05 The Change
06 Truth And The Way
07 Becoming
08 Gotta Feel Alright
09 Vali
10 Sunshine
11 Hudson Dreaming

‘Becoming’ is available through Bandcamp, Cdbaby and at