Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Danger Money NEW SINGLE 'Lights' Out 21st September 2018

Danger Money’s new single ‘Lights’ is a synth-infused protest against being trapped by the 9-5.

Despite its message, Lights is not a rebellious track. Its lyrics are not incendiary; rather quietly defiant, or even detached. Its instrumentation is not rousing; but measured, and refined. Lights boasts an intricate blend of melodic guitar and bass hooks, and a characteristically smooth vocal that should keep listeners coming back.

The Glaswegian outfit take us on intriguing foray into the delights of indie-disco. It’s the brainchild of writer/producer Antony Paul. The debut single ‘Talking Shop’ received widespread radio support this summer. A funky disco banger influenced by Microsoft Excel. Written on Monday, edited on Tuesday, recorded on Wednesday and ready by the Thursday.

Danger Money draws inspiration from acts as diverse as LCD Soundsystem, The Dandy Warhols, Rage Against the Machine and Prince, where disco beats are complemented by tight funky basslines but contrasted by distorted guitars and breathy vocals.

The idea for the project came when Paul was between jobs and was playing bass at home. Sprung to action by boredom, he set himself the challenge to write and record a song in one week. Three days later, ‘Talking Shop’ was released and Danger Money was go.

This year will see the release of more new material, with an album coming next year and a live show not far on the horizon.

Previous single Talking Shop :



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