Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Match-Making and Awkward Dinner Dates"

Tonight along with Tim continuing to be nice as pie to Gina, we also had Weatherfield's resident match-maker Sally Metcalfe hard at work setting Sophie up which went hilariously wrong, family drama that'd make Jeremy Kyle feel proud, a PSA on in game purchases and Sophie attracting the attention of our resident lawyer Paula.

Staring off with Tim and Gina/Dev are still broke up, so Tim assures Gina she was free to stay with them for as long as she wanted. Whilst Gina was buoyed by this, Sally very much wasn't. She may like her sister, but who really wants to live under the same feet as their sibling? She was soon distracted from this drama by her match-making skills being put on high alert.

Credit lies with the wonderful soul who made these aka not me.

Sally may occasionally be stuck up, but there's no denying she's a friend of the gays, and desperately wants a daughter-in-law. Every lesbian within a 5 mile radius of Weatherfield probably has her blacklisted, and Sophie is probably left to often curse under her breath at Sally constantly trying to set her up. As we saw last week as soon as Paula said she had a daughter who was gay? Sally was right in there, and tonight she asked Sophie to meet her in the Bistro for lunch.

When Sophie arrived she was greeted by the party of Sally, Paula and her daughter Isla. I'm surprised Sally didn't also invite the local Vicar. Sophie and Isla exchanged pleasantries, and Sally was soon in there supplying conversation for them to bond over. Neither girl was overly chuffed but Sally doesn't care, because all she sees is heart eyes everywhere. Isla was full of talk of going abroad whilst Sally was full of talk on the Lake District and Isla was soon clashing with her mother. Wonderfully Sally gushed on how Sophie has had her heart broken once or twice but bounced back which Sophie of course didn't appreciate. Sally suggested Isla put the traveling on hold and exchange numbers with Sophie because she's already booked the June wedding, whilst Paula sided with her daughter and agreed that going away was probably for the best.

Let me take a moment to say that Corrie referring to Sophie's past relationships cannot at all be referring to Kate, because what they had was not a relationship. I've had chest infections last longer than whatever it was that Kate/Sophie had. whilst Sophie and Isla wished each other good luck for the future, Sophie and Paula were soon bonding. They admitted they found each other cool. They hoped to see each other again. Sally has a future daughter-in-law standing right in front of her and none of them know it but we shall respect Paula!

Because Sophie can truly leave a lasting impression, Paula was soon paying her a private visit. Let me say in these small scenes between them, Sophie/Paula already have a ton of chemistry and I am totally digging this. Sophie had some wise words for Paula who had some wise words for Sophie, and Paula was soon admitting she'd come round to see Sophie. Probably bursting with joy that a woman was actually genuinely interested in her, Sophie was soon fetching the wine. Probably being far too harsh on Sophie because her relationships with Sian and Maddie were actually good, and she is honestly a nice character.

Paula soon revealed that she is a proud bisexual who likes women and men, whilst Sophie is a proud lesbian and also a Christian. Sally is not aware of Paula's sexuality status, which makes a ton of sense because otherwise this illicit meeting would've happened a lot sooner. We also got a bit of information about Paula's former relationship status. Paula and Sophie had a right good time continuing bonding over wine as you do, and it really was just a matter of time before Sophie went making a move. Whilst work was calling, Sophie was also calling and Paula decided that a nice little snog fest was more important than legal duties and who can really blame her.

Just as Sophie and Paula were getting really stuck into things, Sally had to arrive home and end the fun. Whilst Paula tried to excuse herself, Sally saw her opportunity and took it, inviting Paula to stay for what is probably the most awkward dinner that's been hosted in recent weeks. Whilst her heart was of course in the right place in just wanting Kevin to find happiness, that said happiness is most definitely not gonna be with Paula and having to sit through a dinner party with the woman you've just been kissing, who is being set-up with your dad, and being completely helpless to the situation? It's just not very fun. It's even more awkward for Paula who quite clearly was feeling uncomfortable, and Sally was cascading Gina for her drunkenness getting in the way whilst Paula and Sophie are apparently already exchanging love notes. The fact this relationship isn't gonna end in a Sally/Sophie/Paula triangle is probably a missed opportunity, given Sally cannot stop gushing about how awesome Paula is. Because this is the start of a great love story, Sophie and Paula both admitted they regretted nothing and planned their next secret hook-up.


Sally on the other hand was just sad Kevin didn't grab Paula's number, and Sally continued to gush there was nothing to stop a Webster from being with Paula, and oh Sally! If only you knew.

David and Billy also continued to share screen time with David attempting to ask Billy if he fancies a night out only for him to have prior plans. Even more akwardly for David, he had his card rejected in Dev's which led to ever insightful Dev offering some unwelcome financial advice. David was soon telling the Platt's all about his financial worries and Max was soon admitting that he'd spent David's card on an online football game thanks to encouragement from Aadi. Let this serve as a vital warning that the only games you should be playing are PC ones that do not have warnings on in-game purchases. He was soon confronting Dev and Aadi over the purchases, with Dev playing the high and mighty card of refusing blame. Dev was then left red faced at realizing his money had also been spent on the app. Because everyone has a competitive streak, Dev was soon giving Aadi money to make his team better which David wasn't very happy with and war was declared.

In the aftermath of her blow-up at the vow renewal, Angie is of course trying to keep her head down, forgetting the number 1 rule of soap is everyone gossip's about you. Jude though will be hitting the headlines for somewhat good reasons as Roy reveals he'll be putting him forward for a good Samaritan award, completely unaware who his actual savior was. Still not understanding the whole 'she's just not that into you', Jude is convinced that he can still win Angie round thanks to his 'heroics'.

Jack is now back on the street following rehab and still trying to get used to life. Sally, Gina and Kevin had a little bit of family bonding at Kevin's house, and of course Weatherfield's matchmaker gets no rest, because she was dropping hints to Kevin about looking for a relationship. He's not exactly looking for someone, but not exactly fighting the possibility of getting involved with someone and Sally's basically gonna be going through the non lesbian contacts in her phone book.

Tyrone had an extremely unhappy family reunion as his father was revealed to be a will beneficiary along with him and harsh words were exchanged before his father left. Back home a video message ended up going awry which further dented Tyrone's spirits. His father was soon paying him and Fiz another unhelpful visit, with Tyrone desperate to know what was on the tape and his father dropping the reveal he isn't actually his father (Star Wars did it better). Even bigger shocker for us? His mum might not actually be his mum! Tyrone was soon summarizing the plot for us dear readers trying to digest this high stakes DRAMA and non dad was explaining all the intricacies of the family hidden (he and Jackie split up, she then returned with a baby in her arms and she was drunk off her face). Because Tyrone isn't a complete idiot, he's convinced his non dad's story is bogus, but non dad points out there's a reason he hasn't been in touch for 20yrs and is ready to peace the eff back out. Because he doesn't have Jeremy Kyle on speed-dial, Tyrone is convinced he's lying but has no way of knowing, until he came across an old photo and realized his whole life has been a lie.

There was also a bit tonight on Beth and Kirk proving their superior intellect to Daniel. Flat-earthers and the Lock-ness is too much conspiracy juice for me. Sinead was a bit annoyed with Daniel for thinking her family was dim, but really the evidence speaks for itself. Toyah also told Angie all of Jude's heroics and tried to nudge Angie into giving him another chance, because apparently the street is made up of Jude/Angie shippers. Jude was fully on the idea of becoming a paramedic, not for Angie but for himself, except totally for Angie and maybe a bit for himself.