Saturday, 11 August 2018

Wynonna Earp No Cure For Crazy Review: "Family Drama"

What. On. Earth. Was. That. Episode.

I think that's a question that's gonna be on Earpers minds for the next week, and the promo for the next episode doesn't help with that. We had a magical moving tree, peacemaker deciding not to work, hallucinations in a weird forest, Mama Earp, Waverly's blood curdling scream and of course that ending which featured a cameo from Zoie Palmer.

None of us have any idea what on earth is going on, and I love it. The show really feels as though it's grown up this season. Season 1 was all about introducing us to this world and its characters, season 2 was building off of that and now? In season 3? We know all the players, all the rules, and the show is just having fun with itself. It's able to ground itself in a form of reality like another of my favourite shows 'Legends of Tomorrow', all the whilst never taking itself too seriously and that's part of the fun in watching.

This week's episode began with Wynonna and Doc chasing down a Rev and Wynonna being prepared to kill him, but peacemaker decided not to play ball. So instead, Wynonna's trying to shoot him, the rev is preparing himself to face death, peacemaker ain't playing, Wynonna's getting all embarrassed, the rev's mocking her and Doc ends up hitting him. We also got Nicole and Waverly out in a dark and gloomy forest, trying to piece together Nicole's childhood memory of being a survivor of a massacre and being interrupted by an old friend of Waverly's popping up out of nowhere.

Considering Nicole was largely absent from the first season, and wasn't really immersed in the gang last season? I'm really liking the upgrade in storytelling and screen time this year. Many shows have had an LGBT couple. Many shows have had awful treatment of said LGBT couple, because as much as showrunners have proclaimed a character isn't just a love interest and prop-up for the main character? The less than 2 minutes of screen time has said different. Many shows have claimed we're going to get a fully enriched character, with tons of back story and supportive girlfriends/boyfriends being supportive. Again the less than 2 minutes of screen time and being absent for most of the season has said otherwise.

Wynonna Earp gets a lot of heat from fans/critics/anti's for a number of different reasons, but it's hard to argue Emily hasn't put her money where her mouth is on the WayHaught front. Sure there was a misstep last year with Waverly cheating and Nicole having a secret wife out of nowhere, but those are issues that were laughed off in the premiere and since then? We've had actual, proper development. We now know things about her childhood. We now know what brought her back to Purgatory. She's connected to Bulshar, she's able to interact with character's that aren't Waverly naturally, and whereas she and Wynonna once had a somewhat love to hate relationship with their two fierce personalities clashing, that's now moved into a relationship of mutual respect, even if they begrudge having to admit that. Nicole can walk in on Doc and Wynonna sharing a kiss, and she can joke that she's finally the one interrupting Wynonna. Nedley can have an issue with someone higher up the food chain wanting answers on the goings on in the force, and Wynonna can suggest that maybe Nedley steps down and lets Nicole take up the fight, because she knows Nicole has it in her. In the second episode despite being badly injured, Wynonna fought with all her might to stop Nicole dropping down the cliff, because she just couldn't run the risk of her dying, and in this week's episode Wynonna/Waverly/Nicole shared a group hug.

Wynonna/Waverly are always going to be the relationship at the forefront of the show and I do adore that, because there's no other show anywhere that puts so much emphasis on a sibling relationship. But WayHaught are running in a close second to that, and I love that everyone knows and completely accepts that.

Of course on the sibling front this week Wynonna & Waverly were dealing with drama in the form of their mother. With Wynonna otherwise unavailable, it was left to Waverly to visit their mother. She'd gotten herself in a bit of trouble and was due to be transported elsewhere, but not before Waverly finally summoned up the courage to visit her. She didn't know what exactly to expect, and in truth neither did we. Before this week's episode it'd just been about Mama Earp asking Wynonna to keep Waverly away from her, and Wynonna having secretly been in contact with her all this time. This week's episode saw Mama Earp try to attack Waverly in the institution and wish death upon her, which understandably had Waverly shook.

In any other show, Waverly returning to the police station upset would've seen Nicole attempt to comfort her and Wynonna find out much later on and a 30 second conversation over events. But in Wynonna Earp, she has a sixth sense about her sister. As soon as she enters and looks slightly sad in her walk, Wynonna is at her side asking what's happened, and when Waverly tells her that their mother tried to kill her? Wynonna's forgetting all about the police drama and she's frogmarching it to the institution and warning her mother that if she ever does anything to Waverly again, she'll deal with her.

Things did then take a turn for the worse as Mama Earp launched a bid for freedom, and Wynonna ended up being locked inside the institution for apparently helping an inmate escape. Wynonna was then left to plead with the guards to let her go as her mother was going to kill her sister, but they didn't care and it was soon revealed that one of the guards was a rev. Suddenly Mama Earp being so insistent that no-one visit her made a lot more sense, as did threatening Waverly. It's quite possible she was doing all of that out of trying to protect her children. Also possibly she is just a deranged, troubled woman, especially with the information Nedley revealed.

Going through the records Waverly realized there was some information related to Mama Earp missing. So Nedley was forced to tell her and Nicole that Mama Earp had gotten herself into a whole bad of trouble, when she'd set fire to a barn with her daughter in it. As Waverly tried to digest this information, Nedley admitted he felt like a coward for not doing much to help Mama Earp outside of having her put in an institution. He's convinced that deep down, there's not an evil bone in her body. I doubt Waverly feels the same way given she found Mama Earp at the end of the episode in the barn, looking quite troubled and explaining that some demon girl was here for Waverly. As she turned round she let off THAT blood curdling scream, and I'm beginning to think with all the supernatural stuff going on in Purgatory, it would've been a wiser idea to call on an exorcist instead of trying to deal with demons herself.

Away from all of this drama, Jeremy was making nice with Waverly's old high school friend. He was telling them about some sort of mythical tree in the woods, they went off to find it to try and get some answers, Doc tried to help them and ended up getting quite the fright. Deciding a bit of emotional torture was just the cure, Bulshar basically offered up the chance to be reunited with the daughter he and Wynonna gave up, and if Doc says no? More emotional torture. It's fair to say Doc was extremely shook by the whole experience, storming into the Homestead at the end of the episode for the good alcohol to drink.

But we didn't get anymore information on why exactly he was so shook up or what the events in the woods meant, as when Wynonna arrived home? Waverly, Nicole and Doc were all sat around the table having their bellies filled with delights from Jolene. Wynonna was confused for half a second as to what on earth was going on, but soon her mouth was being filled with delights as well. They're apparently delights that make a person feel extremely festive, as the gang happily revealed a demon was coming to kill Waverly, and without Wynonna, they'd all die.

Considering the camera work + horror style music + Jolene's wild facial expression as the gang were all happily taking this news in? I can't help thinking Waverly dying is exactly what she wants to happen. Who cares though, because Zoie Palmer is back on our screens! Many will probably remember her from starring in 'Lost Girl', which was another Emily Andras Syfy drama. Some will more recently remember her as starring in 'Dark Matter' which was cancelled by Syfy last year. Either way? She's an excellent actress and having someone like her appear in Wynonna Earp is an absolute treat!

Wynonna Earp airs Friday's at 9pm on Syfy.