Saturday, 25 August 2018

Wynonna Earp If We Make It Through December Review: "Merry Christmas"

Merry Christmas everyone!

OK granted it's around 4 months away (2018 be going quick guys) but in Wynonna Earp this week? it was all about getting into the Christmas spirit. Whilst it might have been missing a healthy dose of Slade, it was still a rather enjoyable outfit, very light on the heavy drama which was needed after last week.

Exploring another case of the week so to speak, the gang were on the hunt for Bulshar again even if they didn't know that at the beginning. Not content with using the forest to manipulate with horrific hallucinations, Bulshar's really not feeling the festive spirit. So instead he's doing his best Scrooge impression and kidnapping people from Purgatory's founding families and subjecting them to a torturous death just because.

Whilst Wynonna, Nicole, Jeremy, random dude and Doc are all on the case for information, Nedley's dealing with a bit of guilt at not doing more to stop one of the kid's from being taken. He's getting a bit on in age, feeling extremely tired and exhausted and realizing he's not up to being Sheriff anymore. Nicole tries to give him a pep talk, but Nedley sees how good she actually is with the situation and decides that he's retiring. This isn't a move that's really surprising, given only a few episodes ago Wynonna was touting the idea of Nicole taking over. They may not like each other much and therefore not be vocal in their support of each other, but they do both know they're good at what they do, and as Wynonna referenced back then, Nicole has the fighting spirit that Purgatory needs.

The kids and Jeremy's love interest were of course eventually rescued by Wynonna and random love interest 3 or 4 (sorry I gave up learning newbies names because they don't tend to stay around). With Doc's wife Kate still hanging around and making her interest in him clear despite his protests that he's not interested in her and wants Wynonna, she decided that she wasn't into him. Wynonna/Doc are forever going to have a will they/won't they aroma about them. They're bonded by a child that they had to give away and it is clear that Wynonna does have feelings for him otherwise she wouldn't have been so uncomfortable with Kate. However Wynonna Earp is a complicated woman and would rather have a no strings attached thing with random love interest, than commit herself to Doc. Maybe it's because she's scared, maybe it's because she's trying to be respectful to dearly departed Dolls or maybe it's because she just doesn't want to really go there. Whatever the reasoning her playing cold with him was enough to make Doc go back to Kate and be her drink.

We've known she was a vampire since her introduction, but for some reason Doc had gotten it into his head that she was forcibly turned into a vampire and as a consequence a victim. Kate set the record straight on that by pointing out she had constantly told Doc over the years that she is a vampire and enjoys being one, but Doc just misinterpreted that confession as kink (at this point Wynonna wasn't the only one feeling awkward at the TMI). At the end of the episode Kate found herself in a great deal of pain and being nice supporting Doc as always, he promised to do whatever he could to help her which involved Kate feeding off him. Honestly the woman can have as many hidden motives as she wants because Chantel Riley is a bunch of fun. Kate is equally as fiesty as Wynonna, which makes scenes they're in together that little bit more fun.

Jeremy and his love interest were eventually reunited and it says something about Purgatory dating standards that Jeremy was relieved he'd just been kidnapped, and not actually ghosted him. Nicole and Waverly were apparently also feeling the holiday spirit judging by the noises that Mama Earp and Wynonna were forced to overheard from downstairs, and of course Waverly's little dance for Nicole. It was a cute little dance, reminiscent of the cheerleading dance last year. There they were interrupted by Wynonna coming home and here, Waverly showed glances of nerves at whether what she was doing was too much and was gently encouraged by Nicole. The two have come a long way in their relationship in such a short amount of time, and it's nice to see the show still giving them these soft little moments. On the story development side of things we were also given more information on Waverly's parentage.

Mama Earp seems extremely reluctant to reveal all of the details regarding Waverly's father. She'll confirm his name, their affair and how exactly Waverly was born, but she doesn't really like going further than that. Bobo on the other hand is more than willing to reveal that he came across Mama Earp minutes after Waverly was born, and took her to Wyatt who wanted nothing to do with Waverly, but Bobo threatened to kill him if he harmed her. It's a nice enough story, yet doesn't completely ring true, and at the same time does. Bobo is an extremely mysterious character. Since their beginning interactions though, there's been a vibe between him and Waverly. It's not something that can really be explained unless of course we delve into a whole heep of speculation, but there's obviously more to Waverly's parentage than we're being told. Mama Earp wasn't exactly happy with Bobo for story time and ended up letting him out of the well, in exchange for being told where Julian is.

We of course also got our mandatory Earp sisters moment in the form of them both hiding away from Mama Earp and her extravagant Christmas plans. They both understood that she was just trying to make up for lost time and decided to go with it, rather than arguing with her. In the end Mama Earp was willing to admit that everything wasn't perfect, but no family is. She's accepted Nicole into the family as the person that Waverly loves, even if she's still not keen on Doc and shoutout to the writers for Waverly informing Mama Earp that she's indeed vegan and Mama Earp hitting back with already having to deal with her being a lesbian. Obviously Waverly hasn't really labelled herself and this was supposed to be in gest, and worked well for the conversation.

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