Saturday, 4 August 2018

Wynonna Earp Colder Weather Review: "The Many Stages Of Grief"

On tonight's episode, the gang had to come to terms with Doll's death and move forward with burying him. It of course wouldn't be Wynonna Earp without some hiccups along the way.

Beginning the episode, Wynonna was understandably in quite the state and of course when a person is dealing with grief, it's the perfect time to throw the enemy at them. Whilst Wynonna was calling out for Bulshar to face her, she instead got a revenant. He knew he'd probably be killed by her, but death was worth seeing her in so much pain. Unfortunately due to her drunken state, Wynonna wasn't in any fit state to be killing anyone and Waverly & Nicole were forced to intervene and save Wynonna from death.

Having to move forward with plans for how exactly to say goodbye to Dolls meant a humorous meeting with a guy from a funeral parlor for Waverly & Nicole. It got them both discussing how exactly they want to be buried, and the parlor man jumping to conclusions over their sexuality which Nicole soon put him straight on. In between assumptions on sexuality he also dropped the clanger that Waverly isn't due to be buried on the Earp land. This revelation was understandably a bit of a shock for Waverly, who is still trying to work out who exactly she is.Given this storyline has been left hanging in the air since last season, I would hope that at some point this year the show would give us some concrete answers of sort on who or what exactly Waverly is.

Because yes, this episode threw the 'what' into question through Doc's secret wife. Yes, the vampire from the first episode is in fact Doc's long-lost secret wife who has come to town to seek him. Originally fearing him lost forever when he first died all those eons ago, she's recently head of his return and wants nothing more than to rekindle her love with her husband. Whilst Doc wasn't exactly reciprocating that affection at the beginning of the episode, by the time of the final curtain they were very much getting acquainted. All it really took was Kate stealing Waverly's bag, sending her and Doc on a chase after her, resulting in them tracking her down at her home, barbed words from Waverly retrieving the bag and being on her way, whilst Kate remarked on how feisty Waverly is, Doc saying she's not an Earp and Kate ominously staring into her tarot card and commenting that she's certainly something.

By Wynonna Earp standards? That's all child's play.

Whilst on a mission at Doll's hotel room, Nicole took the time to explain to Waverly that Dolls had been helping her try to investigate her own past. She's had some memories triggered by recent events, and has now realized she is the only survivor of Bulshar's cult, and the said massacre she survived is one of a number that Black badge have covered up over the years. Now Nicole is attempting to uncover them, and Waverly is of course the doting supportive girlfriend. Sometimes Waverly can seem like quite a selfish person, focused on herself & her drama, relying on Nicole for support and not wanting to act as support herself. This episode I think discounts that theory. Being the youngest of the family, Waverly has spent most of her life being kept in the dark on the more supernatural aspects of Purgatory. When she was finally let in on all the goings on, she's had to grow up real fast, deal with the curveball of Willa coming back into their lives & of course ending up dying, and then her parentage being brought into question. Due to everything that has gone on, Waverly hasn't really had a lot of time to process any of that and move onto the next stage of it, so of course she's going to be a little self-involved. Nicole is most of the time the support system because being a police officer? She's used to being there for people, and only 3 episodes into the season we're seeing that dynamic change a little bit and it's quite interesting.

Waverly greeting Nicole's revelations on her past by commenting that she thought she was normal is an understandable and humorous reaction that I'm sure many will emphasize with. The idea of everything happening for a reason and part of a bigger plan by the universe can be quite daunting. The idea that everything in your life has already been mapped out, including who you do and don't fall in love with is even more terrifying, but Nicole is choosing to look on the brightside which is all you can really do. She knows that she loves Waverly, she knows Waverly loves her even if she hasn't really said it, and if that is what destiny has in store for them? Well, it's a pretty good destiny as opposed to death and destruction.

Someone who is obviously not dealing with a good destiny is Wynonna. She's obviously cut up over Doll's death and I really liked how this episode just allowed all of the characters to feel and deal with his death in the different ways that a person would. Wynonna was cut up at the thought of Dolls being cut up and took that out on Jeremy. Waverly couldn't stop laughing and wanting to make sandwiches. Nicole was gently processing everything whilst dealing with the guilt of Dolls dying to protect her. Doc meanwhile was having to live with their last conversation, and the question of whether he should've been the one to die instead. The visit from Doll's former black badge colleague was needed, and not just because his portrayer Peter Mooney is an excellent actor.

He was able to confirm that Dolls knew his time was up. He was able to provide us with more backstory on Dolls time at black badge. Sure he just like Wynonna took his anger out on Jeremy, and threatened to torture him to get revenge on black badge for their crimes. But he soon saw the error of his ways and left town on good terms with the gang, and on a mission of his own. I'd honestly love if black badge was reintroduced to the show, because they're such a shady organization that we really don't know much about, and I'm a sucker for back story.

With the revenant's breaking into the bar, stealing Doll's meds and ramping themselves up for a killer fight with Wynonna, we had our main piece of drama for the episode. The back and forth snipping between the gang and the revenants was a really nice break-up from the more heavier aspects. And by the end of the episode after some wise words from Nicole, in telling Wynonna she doesn't get to monopolize their grief, the gang were able to save their goodbyes to Dolls with a small burial.

The show will obviously have its critics for the way in which Dolls was written out, but 'Colder Weather' was an extremely poignant and funny episode. Last week I was voicing my surprise at the show killing off such a big character so early into the season. On the evidence of this episode it's working out quite well. We've been allowed an episode that has broken away from the main story so to speak, and focused instead on our core characters and their relationships with each other, which is why we tune into the show. There's still plenty of episodes left to really dig into how on earth they're going to take down Bulshar and of course how Mama Earp fits into things, whilst hoping we don't lose any more of our favorites along the way.