Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Rude Awakening NEW SINGLE 'F*ck Puppet' Ft Bridget Gray Out 3rd September 2018

‘Fuck Puppet’ E.P. by THE RUDE AWAKENING featuring BRIDGET GRAY Release Date: Monday 3rd September 2018 Pink Dolphin Music

The third release by Johnny Normal’s exciting project The Rude Awakening, following in the footsteps of “Let Nothing Take Your Pride” (which made the list of The Electricity Club’s top music releases of 2017), and also the explicit “Your Wetness is My Weakness”, this charming if not frank synth-pop love-song “Fuck Puppet” continues to explore modern multi-faceted relationships, touching on love, trust, lust and emotional/physical needs.

The song is written giving both boy and girl perspectives of a very adventurous, sensual and loving relationship where consensual boundaries are defined and mutually staked out.

For this extended play release package, featuring the original song plus nine amazing remixes by Def Neon, X-Mouth Syndrome, Mr Strange, Ugly Nature, Flesh Eating Foundation, Palais Ideal, Nature of Wires and People Theatre, as well as a “Radio Friendly FLUFFY CENSORED Mix”, Johnny has again teamed up with friend and fellow musician Bridget Gray (Destination) to provide additional vocals throughout the different versions.

Johnny comments “Fuck Puppet is an unashamedly blunt modern expression of love and lust between two people who explore their emotions and needs and share a fascinating and intimate relationship.”

The Rude Awakening is delighted to be working with some incredible modern remixers and producers for this new E.P. as well as Rich James and the Pink Dolphin Music
team who are looking after marketing, release and distribution. PR photographs and also a promotional music video for “Fuck Puppet” from The Rude Awakening will be available in August to accompany the EP release, and will present a brand new, exciting image and persona for the act.

There are further releases planned and you can also see The Rude Awakening featuring Bridget Gray performing live in the UK during September at Synthetic City London 2018 Reloaded and in December 2018 at A Black XMassive, both in London.