Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Bold Type Trippin Review: "Hey Mama"

Huzzah! After weeks of what have felt like Jane-centric episodes (not that we're complaining), The Bold Type's penultimate episode of the season shifted a little focus away from her and onto Sutton.

With Paris fashion week steadily approaching and a copy no good, Sutton took Kat and Jane on a road trip to her home town to fetch her original birth certificate. During said trip she of course ran into her mother, and after all the horror stories Sutton had delivered, Kat and Jane were expecting the worst. Instead what they were greeted with was a woman who had a grip on herself, and was trying to change her life.

Unfortunately for her, Sutton wasn't buying it. Too many times in the past she'd been let down by her mother's proclamations of changing her ways, only to end up right back where she'd started. Cry wolf too many times and no-one will be there when you really need help, and if you claim to change your ways too many times? No-one will believe you when you actually do. With Sutton keeping her mum at arms length and rejecting all of her attempts at building bridges, it was left to Jane to talk some sense into her best friend by pointing out she still has a mother.

It's not a card I really appreciated Jane playing. Sure her heart was in the right place, but everyone's family situations are different and a person shouldn't be guilt-tripped into giving another chance to someone they view as toxic. Sure, in this case Sutton's mother had really changed her ways and all was well with the world, but Jane had no way of knowing that and constantly playing the dead mum card is tedious.

On the relationship front this week, Kat very much noticed all was not well between her and Adena. Due to the open relationship they haven't been seeing each other as much, and this was leading to Kat missing out on doing fun things with her girlfriend like visiting a gallery. Sure she enjoyed other girl's sending her nudes and another cute chick hitting on her, but the exploration of sexuality wasn't worth it in the end. The only thing Kat truly wanted, which is the only thing she's wanted since the beginning, is Adena. So she decided to end the open relationship as Adena was all she needed, but there still seems to be a bit of distance between the two of them, which I'm sure the finale will explore in a bit more depth.

The finale is also going to have to deal with Jane's relationship drama. After last week's revelations over her health, Ben was in full on Doctor mode which Jane didn't want and Pinstripe's attempts to be a shoulder to cry on went a bit south. Getting drunk and singing a wonderful rendition of 'Torn' seemed to help Jane a little with her relationship woes. Ben realized he'd over-stepped the mark a little and they were soon being a bit adventurous by taking part in public displays of sex in the bathroom. Not all fun and games though is Pinstripe basically offering himself on a plate to Jane. It's been extremely clear this season that whilst Ben is a lovely guy who is wonderful enough to Jane, he's a bit too close to perfect for one's taste? Pinstripe & Jane's relationship originally broke down before it even really started due to him being a playboy who was incapable of being monogamous. Now he's potentially deciding he can actually be with one person, and Jane may have a decision on her hand next week in whether she wants to continue being with Ben or try to go forward with Pinstripe.

Another lil crumb for next week is what is going on with Jacqueline?! She's usually our fierce lioness, but after a spate of bad press, her position is now being brought into question. She didn't help herself deciding to get rid of the website's comment section, despite Kat advising her against the move, and then reacted even worse when Kat tried to get Richard to intervene. From their conversation it is clear the board are getting a bit of itchy feet over Jacqueline's place at Scarlett. Is she going to be fired? Maybe face a job demotion? Or just live to see another glorious day?

You can tune into The Bold Type's 2nd season finale next week where hopefully our questions will be answered, ahead of the 3rd season!