Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Superdrone NEW SINGLE 'Save The Feeling' Out 19th October 2018 From New Album "Superdrone Two" Out Now

‘Save The Feeling’ is the first single to be taken from the brand new album ‘Two’, the second instalment from the South of England sonic moonscape sculptors Superdrone.

“The Stone Roses in zero gravity playing the Cocteau Twins or Ride playing songs by the Verve; There is too much new music around getting labeled ‘Psych’ or “Shoegaze”...but Superdrone are head and shoulders above the pack.”
- Louder Than War

Superdrone Two is an album that some would term as Shoegaze, some may say Neo-Psychedelia where as others may describe it as Indie Rock, whatever way you decide to describe the sound - the band themselves term themselves Star-Gaze Stadium Drone.

These are expansive musical landscapes created by a three piece band, featuring your
standard drums, guitar and bass but also, vintage synthesizers, 1960s mellotron, orchestral sections and piano. But then it is garnished with instruments from all around the world. The guitars are... Well... Different, with Tien Ren’s guitar stylings a more ambient sea of delayed reverberation, often being compared to The Verve guitarist Nick McCabe.

The songs take you to a fantasy realm, whisked up into an electrical storm of sonic involvement where the listener will hear different instrumentation on each listen as the music has been created to fill the stereo spectrum in such away that your consciousness follows certain melodies - but then counter melodies are created by the different sections countering each other to produce something new on each listen.

These songs were written by singer/bass player Ed Richards and then taken to a different level by guitarist Tien Ren. The drums were played by Tim Guille where he meticulously poured over them to ensure the correct ambient environment and each drum, cymbal or tambourine, were all specifically selected to complement the palate of each song. The album also features part time collaborator Bobby Lovejoy on backing vocals as well as the dreamy musings of label-mate Miranda Lee Richards previously of the Brian Jonestown Massacre - a big influence on Superdrone.

Some may listen to the album and think, ok... This sounds like conventional Indie Rock, where as another will tune into maybe... a sitar... a tabla loop and be taken to a different place... Its music escapism while being entirely accessible, like a musical pop-up book.