Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Sophie's Love Life Starts To Brighten Up on Next Week's Corrie As Paula Makes Her Intentions Clear

Sophie Webster hasn't exactly had the easiest of times recently. For a long while she'd had feelings for Kate Connor and when they did finally date, it was just a distraction for Kate from her feelings for Rana and Sophie was promptly dumped as they rekindled. We've already seen Paula be introduced as an old school friend of Sally, who is now her lawyer as she fights against Duncan's accusations.

Resident completely unsuccessful lesbian match maker Sally Metcalfe has already had the bright idea to set Paula's daughter Isla up with Sophie, but it appears that fate has other ideas.

Next weeks episodes see Paula welcome Sally's idea of introducing the two girls, but Sophie and Isla are both mortified at being set up by their mums just because they're lesbians. Sally's left feeling extremely disappointed over her failed match-making skills, but it seems as though Sophie has attracted someone's attention when Paula calls at No. 4 and makes it clear she's interested in Sophie herself.

As the chemistry between them sizzles, Paula reveals to Sophie that she is bisexual but how will Paula respond when Sophie kisses her? As if all of that wasn't enough things get that bit more interesting, as Sally worries that Gina has her sight set on Kevin and decides if the lesbians won't make good use of her matchmaking skills then the hets can, as she throws a dinner party in the hopes of pairing Kevin off with Paula.

Only problem is Paula only has eyes for Sophie and Gina only has eyes for Tim (that'll work out well I'm sure)

However nothing much gets past Sally Metcalfe these days, and when she finds Sophie and Paula enjoying a drink together she's puzzled. Is she onto them already we wonder?

Sally’s puzzled to find Sophie and Paula enjoying a drink together, is she onto them already? Sophie is then left stunned when Paula agrees to Sally setting her up with Kevin, and before anyone goes wondering whether a storyline is repeating itself here, Paula is a lawyer and lawyer's are smart (though granted soap ones don't tend to be). Paula explains to Sophie she only intends to go on one date with Kevin to simply appease Sally.

Are things finally looking up for Sophie? Is Kevin going to be the Webster who ends up heartbroken on this occasion? Will hilarity ensue when Sally eventually finds out what's going on between her daughter and Paula You already know the answer to that one it is after all Sally Metcalfe

You can tune into Coronation Street all next week to watch the drama unfold.