Wednesday, 8 August 2018

SAULTS NEW SINGLE 'Kelly Ride' on 14th September 2018

Get ready for a new sound, a new age and a new Supergroup…

‘Kelly Ride’

Released 14th September 2018

‘Kelly Ride’ is the follow up single to the highly-acclaimed 2016 debut EP from 3 extremely talented young men, hailing from France and calling themselves ‘Saults’.

At the early age of 6, Antoine Saults picked up his first guitar. Shortly after, his younger brother Greg Saults took up a pair of sticks and cemented his future as a drummer. For ten years they practiced together dreaming of being in a band ‘like The Beatles’. In 2014 their dream came true…

When Antoine heard Axel Castets playing bass guitar at a gig in Bordeaux he accosted him as he left the stage and immediately asked him to join his band. Saults were born, and played their first gig later that same year. The chemistry between the three friends was obvious to all and when Antoine injected his original compositions, a unique and brilliant blend of funk, pop and rock was created.

Throughout 2015 & 2016 they performed constantly across France and Europe, honing their sound and growing their fan-base with their energetic and exciting shows. The release of their 2016 EP and video ‘I Wanna Jam’ was met with a response which took everyone involved by surprise, not least the three young men. The EP sold in thousands and led them to an end of tour highlight in 2017 when they opened for Julian Perretta at the Pruneau Show Festival in Agen in front of a wild crowd of over 10,000 people!

In April 2017 the band decided to follow in their heroes footsteps and relocate to London, convinced that the city was the next stage on their incredible journey to conquer the music world. Playing local stages wherever they could it wasn’t long before they were being noticed and gaining more and more plaudits. Their Final win at Yamaha Studios ‘Funk It Up’ granted them the right to play at this year’s Love Supreme Festival where they again blew everyone away.

In less than a year in London, Saults have made a name for themselves and are the band to see perform live around the capital. Inspired by their time in the UK, and claiming that the new way of life has brought about a change in their sound, the band took to the legendary Abbey Road Studios to record this brand new single ‘Kelly Ride’….following in the footsteps again of their idols.


Antoine Saults
(Guitar & Vocals)

Axel Castets 
(Bass Guitar)

Greg Saults
(Drums & Vocals)