Friday, 31 August 2018

MNEK, The Struts + Kesha, Alesso & Nothing But Thieves Are Our #NewMusicFriday Picks

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look out for the freshest tunes, be it for playlisting or you dear readers. In #NewMusicFriday we're bringing you some of the best tracks released this week.

Starting off this week is another top song from MNEK 'Correct'. From start to finish this is a certified bop. Every pre-album single MNEK has released as been great in some way. 'Correct' is probably my favourite along with 'Tongue' because I really appreciate songs that mix things up. There's a nice little beat break as the song reaches its climax and I absolutely adore beat breaks that are done right. The lyrics are pretty damn fine, as is the music and I love the attitude in the video. In case you need a reminder, MNEK has got a debut album coming at long last. It's called "Languages" and you can pre-order it right now and there's also still some tickets available for his mini UK tour.

When your favourites collaborate? It's a good day. When your favourites collaborate so effortlessly? It's a pretty fantastic day. For those who wish to listen to The Struts only version you can find it here. The Struts are one of my favourite bands and Kesha is one of my favourite singers. Much like with remixes, if you're going to feature someone on your song? It has to be because they're adding something to it because there's really not much fun in listening to a different version that sounds exactly the same as the original. You also have to be careful that neither Artist is overpowering the other, and 'Body Talks' is the perfect collab. Kesha fits onto the song and indeed the video perfectly. It's the right amount of attitude, the right amount of fun, and 'Body Talks' is a funky song that will get stuck in your head immediately. It has such an infectious chorus and all round feel-good atmosphere that will get you up dancing.

This weeks #NewMusicFriday is probably the most perfect edition you're ever going to get with the right balance of Pop, Pop/Rock, Dance and Rock. Here we have Alesso's new track 'Remedy'. If like me you have a keen ear for singer, then you'll recognize that the vocals are by Connor Maynard. He really has such a wonderful voice and is another who fits on tracks effortlessly. Video wise who doesn't like a bit of green martian exploring human nature and finding another of their kind at a gig? Music wise I really like that the track is so subtle. There will of course be people criticizing it but when you have an Artist featuring on a track, you do have to be careful to make sure that the music doesn't overpower their vocals because that sounds terrible, and honestly 'Remedy' is an extremely chill dance song in its vibe. Not every dance song needs to take the roof off the house in order to be a banger, and at least 'Remedy' isn't repetitive in nature.

Finishing this weeks #NewMusicFriday with a Rock banger from Nothing But Thieves. They're another band that I absolutely adore and I fell in love with 'Forever and Ever More' song within 20 seconds of pressing play. If you've never heard their music before, this is the perfect introduction. The chorus is absolute magical, the guitar riff is insane, the vocals are sublime and basically everything about this song is perfection. The way the song switches gears, the drums, the haunting vocals, THAT ending..... it's all just so fantastic. You may also be interested to know that Nothing But Thieves have a new EP on the way! It's called "What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way", it's out on the 19th October, you can of course pre-order it now and I can't wait!