Friday, 17 August 2018

MNEK, Marshmello + Bastille's Collab, The Kooks & George Kwali's Collab With Gabrielle Aplin Are Our New Music Friday Picks

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the lookout for the freshest tunes, be it for playlisting or you dear readers. In #NewMusicFriday, we're bringing you our picks of the best tracks to listen to this weekend!

So this featuring here isn't exactly a surprise given I've never been shy about how much I have grown to love them. There was never any doubt that this song would be a BOP. Marshmello has been spinning out hit after hit lately. Bastille are incapable of making a bad song, so a collab between them? Obviously going to be great. 'Happier' is without a doubt the perfect type of collaboration. Dan's voice fits on the track effortlessly, never seeking to overpower the music nor does the music overpower him. Lyrically 'Happier' tells a familiar story of realizing that a relationship has run its course and the only way to be happy is to part, but whilst the tropes are familiar the song avoids being generic. It's a song many going through a break-up will be able to emphasize with, and probably a healthier alternative than watching Titanic with a tub of ice cream!

In case you missed the big news this morning, MNEK's debut album is finally on the way! It's called "Languages", it's out on the 7th September, pre-ordering will gain you early access to his mini UK tour in October and you can join me in jumping up and down over this. With the news of the album came the drop of this beauty 'Crazy World'. It's very much reminiscent of a house banger, feeling extremely busy musically, but in a cohesive way so it doesn't feel as though you're listening to 15 songs at once. The chorus is extremely atmospheric and whilst it may be a bit of a grower, I can assure you will finish this song dancing a long. If you're thinking that the background vocals running throughout the song sound familiar then you're right; it is indeed Becky Hill who delivered the fine bop 'Sunset In The East'. There are a number of reasons why MNEK is an excellent Artist, and one of those is he's not afraid to tackle difficult subjects. Here he's talking about racism and homosexuality. It's heartfelt, it's powerful, MNEK's vocals are on top form as always and 7th September can't get here quick enough!

Comprehending the fact The Kooks have been around since I was in my teens is extremely jarring. A lot of bands and artists have been and gone since those days, but The Kooks are still standing, and with their 5th studio album "Let's Go Sunshine" out on the 31st of this month. 'Chicken Bone' is a superb song from start to finish. The chorus is infectious, the guitar riff is delightful, everything about this song is so damn good and so pleasing on the ear. It's the perfect rock rong, and that is extremely hard to come by these days.

Finishing this weeks #NewMusicFriday is this certified bop from George Kwali and Gabrille Aplin called 'Dream Enough'. The music is absolutely superb, knowing exactly when to turn things up, when to turn things down and has enough variety on the beats that it never comes close to feeling repetitive. I've basically had this song on replay since I first heard it, and it should definitely be rooted to the weekend + work out playlists. The lyrics are once again tackling the issue of relationship strife, but to be honest you're going to be so busy dancing along to this beauty you're not really going to take in its contents.